Beta Test the new Dirchie Kart and help develop an XBLIG

"You may remember Dirchie Kart from one of our earliest editions of the XBLIG Spotlight where it garnered an impressive 8/10 rating, well the developer, BrownBot, has released a PC beta of the soon to be released sequel. The next game in the Dirchie Kart series, which has a working sub title of “World Tour,” promises to include a more consistent graphic style as well as a host of new tracks including user contributed designs! In addition to simply testing out the game, the beta includes a built in feedback system so you can send your thoughts directly to BrownBot for consideration."

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hellvaguy2533d ago

The original was semi entertaining and had top notch music and controls. It was decent knock off of an 8-bit version of Mario Kart. Mind u it was on xbox live for $1.

ClearanceBinReview2532d ago

It is certainly inspired by Super Mario Kart (for the Super Nintendo) but also contained enough unique elements (such as the emphasis on drifting) that makes it deserve some praise in and of itself. A refined sequel that touches up the controls and provides more tracks than the original will be more than welcomed by this reviewer.