Dungeon Defenders PS3 Review (

After a moderately lengthy wait, PS3 owners can now enjoy Dungeon Defenders, but has it made the move across to the PS3 successfully? TGR take a look and find out.

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Robotronfiend2413d ago

It would be nice if they added cross platform play, like they advertised heavily before console release. I'm glad they fixed the trophy sync problem on the PS3 after only a few short months.

It is an okay game solo, but really shines in multiplayer. Sales would have been improved if they added the cross platform play. I've owned it for so long now I feel like I'm "done" with it after waiting for a couple months and I still can't play with my Steam friends when I'm on PS3. If it were a disc, I would have traded it in by now.

Viper72413d ago

Console versions of this game are a bit behind of the PC version when you look at the patches and content. So I doubt there will be any cross platform play before they fix that.

But most importantly the console versions need the balance patch that fixes the balance of the classes.