Dualshock 3 Hitting U.S. early 2008

The new Dualshock 3 controller will become available to purchase in the U.S. early 2008. The new controller allows for both SIXAXIS functionality as well as adding enhanced vibration ability. Games such as Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, and Haze will all be using the technology when it becomes available next year.

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TheExecutive3757d ago

umm... ok... how did this get approved. This was confirmed at TGS and this states NOTHING new.

gamesblow3757d ago

I already have 2 of them... Thanks though ??? Remember, folks... dock em' in your pc's for charning, cause they don't last near as long as the sixaxis.

TheExecutive3757d ago

and the asian controllers work perfectly (aka its not region specific is it?)

Also how much does it cost?

Irving3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

I have one of these, ordered from for 80$ incl shipping. They work perfectly well with US PS3s. Try playing Motorstorm with rumble on. You'll wonder how you played that game without it.

BulletToothtony3757d ago

finished uncharted with it, it definetaly feels different from the dualshock2, it obviously shakes smoother which i liked more since it doesn't totally distracts you which is something i didn't like with the ds2,

just lets you know you're getting shot, doesn't make you have to hold on to your controller harder cause it's gonna slip away, i like it, i just wished infinity wart would come up with a patch since that's all i've been playing lately

SIX3757d ago

Thanks for the coupon. Just got back from my vacation and there it was in my mailbox. I must say that it feels alot stronger than the original. Too bad about the battery life but that was to be expected. Well thanks again.

gamesblow3757d ago

Hey, no problem man. And it's not to say they don't last long.. Not at all. I can play using the siaxixs for nearly 30 hours give or take an hour. I've clocked the DS3 in at about 24 hours in total.

So it's not like you'll be charging the thing all the time. It last longer than is required that's for sure.

DarkSniper3757d ago

Exclusive to the PLAYSTATION 3® is the only system where consumers will be able to play next generation games, with the combination of an immersive rumbling experience and SIXAXIS tilt controls.

Even more importantly, we the fans are the ones to thank for the rumbling experience being brought to the PLAYSTATION 3® Home Entertainment Console. Sony is the only company that listens and interacts with the people. The people wanted rumble and Sony admitted their mistakes, notified us saying that rumble DOES involve with the next gen experience and granted us with what we have now.

Sony is a company that symbolizes hard work and honesty. Unlike the other company who has embellished the roots of slavery, injustice and affliction amongst the gamers across the Earth.


Robotz Rule3757d ago

I can't wait to pick up two DS3 controllers early next year w/Haze:)

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The story is too old to be commented.