Star Wars: The Old Republic challenging consciences

GameZone's Andrew Clouther writes, "Through personal experience, infinite Tweets, editorials, articles, and water cooler-esque conversations with co-workers and friends, there seems to be a common theme arising in their Star Wars: The Old Republic game experience. This theme is the challenge of the conscience.

Note: If you are the player that mashes spacebar during every conversation and just looks for the conversation choice that has the most Dark Side points, this editorial is not for you."

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DemonStration2537d ago

I'm glad the Bioware charm is still shining through

Riggans422537d ago

I started as a Sith Marauder going full dark side...but once I started shocking Vette, I just felt bad. Now I'm a Sith Assassin and I'm light side, and I can sleep at night.

Mutley4162537d ago funny how the story makes questing a joy.
and that being said...Sith are way more fun...

VanguardOfCalamity2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

still working on my first character - using Sith Warrior/Marauder - I tend to use different companions during different conversations that fit how I want to answer then maximize what companion will benefit the most from said decisions - Vette like the article said seems to like when u question ur leaders and doing "nice" things - have another that likes me always "helping the empire" whether light/dark side, and another that loves all dark side - so my advice if you like to have all your companions like you or dislike you - is to trade them in/out before conversations - Esc during conversations helps change to appropriate companions once you see where conversation is going -