Nintendo Download (1/5/12, North America)

Nintendo has announced which WiiWare/DSiWare/eShop games are available for download today.

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Jirachi2506d ago

Nothing but garbage as usal

TheDivine2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Samurai Sword for 3ds looks pretty good. Reminds me of the wii game muramusa but more of a brawler. Il try it if its cheap, alot of eshop games are overpriced. I hope nin really push the eshop, its getting good games but needs more cheap app type stuff, quality gba/ds games, and new stuff like pushmo and freaky forms (which are excellent btw). They also need more demos and free apps although they have some like swapnote, pokedex, and nin video.

I love the 3ds, its the best nin console/handheld ever and its a massive leap in the right direction but it couldve benefited from achievements, no friend codes (use gamertag or id), more digital content, and it would be even better. All that can be added though and stuff like the mii plaza, streetpass, and trading puzzles (idk???) are pretty damn cool. Id still like a second circle pad also. Still im loving it more than my ps3, psp, and 360 right now.