Patcher: November Game Sales Hit $1 Billion

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes that US videogame sales during November generated $1 billion, while Nintendo lead the way in the console market.

Hardware sell-through estimates for November are as follows, with The simExchange predictions in brackets for comparison purposes.
Wii - 950,000 (1,060,000)
Xbox 360 - 750,000 (728,000)
PS3 - 420,000 (410,000)
PS2 - 485,000 (n/a)
PSP - 650,000 (468,000)
DS - 1,350,000 (1,300,000)
GBA - 170,000 (n/a)

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MK_Red3937d ago

It's funny how video game industry is having it's best month in years while Hollywood and movie business is facing it's darkest days (Golden Compass, Beowulf, Fred Claus and all other blockbusters failing to meet expectations).
Hope both industries get better and see more success. Games and movies FTW!

PS360WII3937d ago

Well people are more forgiving with crazy costs to video games then they are with movie tickets now-a-days. Why spend ~40 bucks going to the theaters when you can wait for it to come out on whatever format you want and watch it in the comfort of your already theater like home set up. Plus you can pause it for those bathroom breaks.

Crazy amount of money though for the industry.

ceedubya93937d ago

If you can wait a month or two on a movie, you can watch it for about 2 bucks. I very rarely pay full price for a movie unless I just really want to see it on day one.

As far as games go, seems as though things are going as usual here in the US.

wiizy3937d ago

lol. and wat was sony's words. that they made a 200 per cent gain....fanboys will keep crying..cause wii will win this generation and easily too when the games come next year

superman3937d ago

DS is a merciless monster.

Capt CHAOS3937d ago

and we know who would probably come up top..

PS360WII3937d ago

are you talking overall profit or overall numbers. Either or and it's a different story.

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