PlayStation 3: Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Releases In February

Capcom’s fighting game Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition will be released on February 09 2012.

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zeeshan2415d ago

Wow! Capcom. Keeps milking this like crazy. How about a new iteration of sf capcom?

Ducky2415d ago

How would a sequel be any different from what they're doing now?

zero_cool2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

You mean just make updates where there needed that are either free of charge or at minimal cost to the consumer?

Smashbro292415d ago

Oh snap! Looks like I got that one way earlier than I was supposed to.

OmegaWolf2415d ago

Where is this website located? AE has been out in America on the PS3 since June of last year. Hell, they even came out with a patch for it in December.

Giru0172415d ago

I think the article means the asian (HK) Greatest Hits (Or, as the HK version is called, THE BEST) edition.