"More creativity in Europe" - EA

EA Partners' Nick Button-Brown has told that he believes European developers are more creative than US studios, as North American teams are focused on making money rather than taking chances.

As director of business development for EA Partners, Button-Brown sees rich pickings in Europe as the publisher continues to work with independent studios - a new deal with a German developer is expected to be announced very soon.

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BrianC62343936d ago

I think this is unfair to U.S. developers. The developer isn't really the one deciding the money side. That's the publisher. They tell the developers what they can do. They have the money. But I see plenty of great games coming from U.S. developers. At least on the PS3. Sony has some great U.S. talent that makes some of the best games. I guess this is more about EA and how they tell their people to make another of whatever game and just add one to the number at the end. That is getting pretty boring.

MK_Red3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

EA talking about creativity... and how innovation is more important than making money...
It's like Jack Thompson saying 'GTA is good and fun'. GTA is both good and fun but that's not something that suit's Thompson.

Multigamer3936d ago

ea can say that because its not actually an owned developer they are talking about, its inderpendent developers they are talking about

predator3936d ago

i can see this thread getting ugly soon.

no more 360 vs ps3,

its now US vs Europe. lol

mighty_douche3936d ago

still, we havent got to worry about America, there's no oil here...

anyways, yeah most "creative" game of next year, LBP, British!!

MK_Red3936d ago

Agreed. LBP is indeed creative and a British title.
Plus, Criterion is Birtish and they have completely revamped Burnout in Paradise and have added innovative online options and gameplay.

lynx1halo3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Europe and creative LOL LOL thats a good one LOL ... and yet funny how American developed games continue to top the charts in Europe????????????????

Multigamer3936d ago

yeah, unlike shooters r us in america

mighty_douche3936d ago

but personally i find Americans as creative as a wet carrot.

stealing an idea and just making it BIGGER isnt creative.

predator3936d ago

i would put ur helmet and overshield on after that one. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.