10 Unknown Indie Games Worth Looking Out For In 2012

Considering the epic scale of the indie gaming landscape, it’s quite obvious that there are a lot of great games out there that have not yet been discovered. We set off to unearth as many gems as we could and bring back some of the finest indie creations that the world has not seen yet and we are quite proud of our findings. Ten little trinkets from all across the globe are now on display for your perusal – some to be released in the coming months, others may not ever make it to a proper alpha stage. Even so, they all remain as impressive entries into the indie gaming world and are certainly worth at least a peek from each one of you.

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r212417d ago

out of those indies, cradle and bottom project and terminus looks very interesting. the rest, look okay. indies the future game developers. :D for example, look at bastion. top notch game. absolutely loved it to bits.