January 2012: The Month of Gaming Spin-offs

NAGF: "Well here we are, another year and another release schedule. If I was 2012 I would be concerned right now; 2011 is a tough act to follow, as far as video games goes. January is always a tough month, straight after the Christmas release window when so many great titles are released. However, it is a prime buying window. People have gift cards and vouchers burning holes in their pockets, just waiting to be spent…

"But it might be wise to save those pennies, because January has little to offer. There are five titles I think are worth a mention, but even so, they are a bit stale compared to what we were playing a few weeks ago. One thing is if you like your spin-offs, then January will keep you very happy indeed! Here are the five ‘biggest’ games of January 2012."

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