Ubisoft: Assassin's Creed Studio Developing 'AAA MMO'

NowGamer: Ubisoft Quebec is working on a 'AAA MMO' with 'Cloud Computing' elements according to job postings.

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TimmyShire2418d ago

I would THINK I'd be interested in this. Depends how it played I suppose. Traditional MMO wouldn't suit it at all.

Feckles2418d ago

Interested if this is coming to console and was designed specifically for console.

DC Universe fails because it's designed to work on both console and PC.

Der_Kommandant2418d ago

Who cares...

I need AC3 with a new engine!

Snookies122418d ago

Yes, this! Please for the love of god, emphasis on the NEW ENGINE! Love the way AC plays, but it's so damn glitchy. You're not supposed to see guards spawn right in front of you lol!

koehler832418d ago

I honestly believe Ubi has been milking the Ezio story line as an interim solution for the delay of next-gen hardware.

I'm willing to bet that we won't see anything regarding AC3 until we hear from the platform holders. Ubisoft have been particularly vocal about wanting new hardware.

Nate-Dog2418d ago

Ubisoft said a while ago that they are planning to release ACIII next year, and afterwards they will be taking at least 2 year gaps between future AC titles. I wish they would wait but it clearly isn't going to happen.

Baka-akaB2418d ago

Precisely , the old formula along with the engine is tiring itself , however still great if might be . And they wont invest in a new engine right now in a near transitional phase , unless they can scale it down and reuse it later on new consoles .

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