Indie Horror Game Shadow of a Soul Might Be the Next Amnesia

Gameranx - "Shadow of the Soul seems poised to be the next big first-person horror game. We talked with the game's developer, Ferzan Aygen, about his inspirations and goals for the project."

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jthamind2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

if it can deliver horror in a manner similar to Amnesia, then i'm all for it. Amnesia was a genuinely scary game with the perfect atmosphere. it didn't rely on cheap startles, like monsters jumping out and going "boo!" it actually set a tone, made the monsters something you had to fear and run or hide from. that's how monsters should be if you want to make a real horror game. a game where you see the monsters all the time, especially up close, and where you can easily kill them and they just try to do stupid stuff like jumping out of a closet to startle you....that's not good horror.

SolidGear32532d ago

Can't wait for this. The most intriguing part is that it's being completely developed by 1 person!

ElliePage2532d ago

inb4 the credits music is "Godsmack - Shadow Of a Soul"