Soul Calibur V Opening Video

Check out the opening video of Soul Calibur V now!

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takohma2418d ago

I can't believe hardly no one cares about thi game!!!! This my first time being the first one I comment on something. Well anyway the video looks awesome and I really can't wait to play this game.

CC-Tron2418d ago

OK. So the opening video only features Sigfried and Nightmare? I hope we can create custom openings featuring the custom made characters. I only play the custom created fighters.

falsegod2418d ago

So this is really the opening video? It's old news, but it pisses me that they went against their usual showcasing of the cast

I actually think they might have another video with the roster, but why would they show it before we knew all the characters in the game?

RufustheSage2418d ago

Wasn't this a old cut-scene? Lame. Was expecting something great for this new director.