You’ve gotta hand it to Sony... writes: Sony's all-encompassing PlayStation Vita has caused a big stir in Japan, notching up more than 320,000 sales in the first two days of launch.

The new hand-held machine will not hit shelves here until February 22 but The Sun got its hands on an early import model to see what all the fuss is about.

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THC CELL2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Loving the 3ds and vita at the moment they are both worth having, as Nintendo and Sony own more games than any other company its well worth having both.

I hope the ps4 is as easy to develop for like the vita, we will see some mega games soon

Stuart57562507d ago

A home console will always be harder to develop for.

mynameisEvil2507d ago

We know, but he means he's hoping that the PS4 will be easier to develop for because Sony went to the developers for feedback. With the PS3, they didn't do that.

Fishy Fingers2507d ago

Yes because the difficulties in development derive from the power source, is it battery or mains... :/

Because basically thats the difference between home and portable systems these days. Theres no set law that states one must use a development friendly architecture and the other must not.

Dwalls11712507d ago

I love sony , i really do and all of their products but ....their not good business men...they were so spoiled with the ps2 era they thought everything would come easy now

They need to wake up...ppl care more about tablets and phone then portabld gaming...just look at the 3ds , they completely bumbed in the beginning ..they ate alot of crow and cut the price now their ok

Sony has a huge advantage cuz vita isnt even out in us or europ....learn from nintendo sony RELEASE VITA at $199.00 make game prices 29.99 retail and cut price and vitas will sell like hot cakes

Fishy Fingers2507d ago

"nintendo sony RELEASE VITA at $199.00 make game prices 29.99 retail "

Nintendo were making a profit from day one on the 3DS hardware, they had the easy option to cut the price, Sony likely are making a minor profit at best from the Vita at launch, cutting prices would only increase loses, you have to find the right price so any lose can be subsidised by the software/peripherals.

I dont think your really in an position to label anyone "not good business men", when your hardly Donald Trump yourself.

JoGam2506d ago

Shhhh, no ones talking you.

MasterCornholio2507d ago

" It also borrows from the 3DS — using augmented reality to introduce images of your real-life friends and surroundings into your gaming experience."

I actually thought the 3DS borrowed its AR tech from the game invizimals on the PSP. So i fail to see how Sony borrowed the tech from Nintendo. Other than that its a decent article.

NiceGuy1922507d ago

Don't you know? The media decides who invented what! For instance: it was impossible to use your cellphone for anything but dialing before iPhone.

MasterCornholio2507d ago


Sort of like the iPhone was the first phone to be able to make video calls.

The Media can be so funny Sometimes. Heck i even read an article where they said Super Mario was the first video game ever made. When in reality it was Pong.

kneon2507d ago

He's on a roll with the misinformation

"It incorporates tilt controls like the iPad 2's gyroscope feature."

I'm thinking it more likely that perhaps they copied the DS3. I think they may be aware of that product :)

Though the use of accelerometers to detect orientation of a handheld device were used well before the DS3, it's not a new feature and certainly Apple had nothing to do with it's invention.

ginsunuva2506d ago

I know right? Ipad 2 was THE FIRST EVER AND ONLY device to use a gyroscope, smh.

Viper72507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Actually first AR game for Consoles was probably the Eye of Judgment that was introduced along with PS Eye for Ps3. That is if you don't consider Playstation eye on Ps2 as one.

As for picking objects to the game from reality was one of the key features for Kinect but the idea itself has probably been around a lot longer.

kneon2507d ago

Sony has a patent from around 10 years ago for using a camera to capture real world objects for use in a game. That may be why we've not seen it on Kinect.

Christopher2507d ago

Sony has spent years mastering AR tech. They have videos going back to 2001 on the stuff.

smashcrashbash2502d ago

It's technical ignorance. Anyone who knows Sony and PlayStation history knows that Sony pioneered AR technology with the Eyetoy. The VITA didn't 'borrow' from the 3DS, Nintendo 'borrowed' it from Sony.

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Chaostar2507d ago

A positive PSV article? From The Sun no less!

If this continues it will make my blog redundant ;P

tiffac0082507d ago

We can't have that now, can we? lol! XD

TopDudeMan2507d ago

Yeah, when did hell freeze over?

Ck1x2507d ago

Listen, i bought a psp as well when it came out and it was impressive then also for hardware. But when is Sony going to get it that people want unique handheld experiences that don't feel like console games on a diet!

Chaostar2507d ago

Actually I DO want a console experience on the go and, while unlike yourself I can't speak for everyone, I'm pretty sure there are loads more who want it too.

Ddouble2506d ago

But there are plenty of games like that. Sound shapes, sumioni, escape plan, lumines, little deviants etc..

The Vita can and does offer console and portable experiences along with it's features that you will never see on consoles.

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