MSXbox - Speed Wheel review

Msxbox-world takes a look at the official Microsoft wireless and pedal free Speed Wheel in their product review.

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Yi-Long2389d ago

... instead of this kinda thing which you have to hold up in the air in front of you, which seems tiresome and stupid.

lashes2ashes2389d ago

Yes I agree but there is a huge price difference. I don't have the room for a wheel setup so I use the speed wheel and it's more responsive than the thumb sticks on a controller. And you don't have to hold it in the air, I rest the bottom on my knee and it works fine.

EasilyTheBest2389d ago

Its a great wheel and it works real well.
I find it good coz theres not a ton of wires all over your room. It doesnt take up much space.

SockeyBoy2389d ago

I've got the wheel and its actually fantastic! I only got it because it was an extra $20 (Australian) with F4, but it was money well spent. I only wish it had paddles for gear changing.

Objective2389d ago

Yep, I've heard good things about it from people who actually own it. It works better than a controller but of course not as well as a full wheel setup (anyone expecting that is delusional really).