Black Mesa mod bigger than Half-Life 2

The Black Mesa modification, a reimagining of the original Half-Life in the Source engine, will be bigger than Half-Life 2 (at least when comparing file trees).

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StayStatic2327d ago

I wonder what will come out first , Half-Life 3 or Black Mesa , either way i can't wait :D

ATi_Elite2327d ago

Half Life 4 will be out before this mod gets finished.

Operation Black Mesa (The Opposing Force to Source Engine Mod) will be done before Black Mesa!

CrimsonEngage2327d ago

They need to hurry the hell up. I hear it's finished and that they are doing nothing but polishing/bug fixing.

steve30x2327d ago

You cant hurry bug fixing

Fishy Fingers2327d ago

I've been following the project for a long time and I've heard nothing of the sort. Of course I could be wrong, do you have any links?

If it were "finished" and in bug testing, I'm pretty sure some early builds would of leaked or at the very least, have some footage up.

TheOwnmaster2327d ago

I wish this would mod would happen.

sonicsidewinder2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

Black Mesa > Aperture :P

Wonder if they got Opposing Force and/or Blue Shift mod in the pipeline as well.

ATi_Elite2327d ago

Another team not affiliated with Black Mesa is making Operation: Black Mesa which is Opposing Force to the Source Engine.

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