Uncharted calls Spanish readers "Huge Nerds"

Hey Spanish speaking gamers! Uncharted developer Naughty Dog has some words for you. In-game, there's this Easter Egg message: "Si usted está leyendo esta piedra sepulcral usted es un nerd enorme. Consiga por favor una vida y consiga una novia."

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pwnsause3848d ago

hahahahahahaha!!!!!, good thing i know spanish, lol, go get a girlfriend!

TANOD3848d ago

This site just ike the reviewers of GS have been constantly bashing the ps3.

However PWNSAUCE please dont be offended as the comment was made on the fly and not targetted at a community

ryuyasho3848d ago

ese mensaje es muy chistoso, y apunta hacia la audiencia en general, es como Residente Maligno Cuatro, donde todos los villanos hablan en español "Detras de ti imbecil" o "Te voy a romper a pedazos". yo experimenté en primera mano como aqui hay muchos chicos y chicas que no saben lo que esos villanos dicen, y yo tuve que decirles todo lo que ellos dicen, por ende pasaran el Residente Maligno Cuatro con mas facilidad. el dia que los de habla ingles entiendan a los de habla española, se van a reir de muchas cosas que les van a hacer mas sentido.

now trasnlate this...jijijijiji

Violater3848d ago

"That message is very funny, and points to the audience in general, is like Resident Evil Four, where all the villains speak in Spanish "Behind you imbecile" or "Te voy a break to pieces." I experienced first hand here as there are many boys and girls who do not know what these villains say, and I had to tell them everything they say, thereby move the Resident Evil Four with more ease. The day that speaking English to understand Spanish-speaking, are going to laugh a lot of them are going to make more sense."

socomnick3847d ago

My favorite quote from Resident evil 4 was !coje lo ! this means two things it means both grab him and in slang means Bone him.

ryuyasho3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

SCORE!!! hahahahahaha

P.S. "Te voy" translates as "I'm gonna"

@ socomnick: "Cojelo" is "Bone Him" for venezuelans and saying "Ustedes cojen tarjateta de credito?" trans = "do you take credit cards?" was funny as hell!!!

Jones Miller3847d ago

You are as foolish as you are ignorant and stupid!

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MaximusPrime3848d ago

i dont think it is aimed at spanish people. But its funny.

PirateThom3848d ago

I have to be honest, I've always wondered how this game would go down in Spain, with Francis Drake being considered a criminal and a pirate by the Spanish way back when.

turbogeek3848d ago

"if you're reading this ancient stone you're a huge nerd. please get a life and a girlfriend."

The_Engineer3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

it reads "if you're reading this grave stone, get a life and a girlfriend"

Bladestar3848d ago

@The_Engineer - Actually turbogeek is right. You missed "enorme" and "por favor" which means "huge" and "please".

Wii60_FTW3847d ago


But who's the bigger nerd? The nerd who reads it or the nerd who takes the time to create it?

Coke-a-Cola3848d ago

but definitely looses the spice from this angle.

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