Binary Domain's Cover Art First to Sport Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio Logo

While we have known about the English cover art for the game for a while now, we now have our first look at the Japanese artwork which is a lot more interestingly designed than our cover... and the first to feature the logo of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio on its cover.

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D3mons0ul2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

What's weird is the US cover looks more Japanese and the JP one looks like what you'd expect a typical US cover to be, CGI characters all grouped together looking angry.

Tuxedo_Mask2511d ago

Is it odd that even though I agree with you, and I typically like the Japanese style covers better, I actually prefer the Japanese box art? Maybe the US art just seems odd to me since his teammates are shooting one way and he's running the other with a guy on his back.

D3mons0ul2511d ago

Yeah now that you mention it, it does look odd.

Should have just drawn the guy running in desperation, they don't need him shooting a gun in the wrong direction. His buddies know where the fighting is, he clearly doesn't.

They could be surrounded by cyborgs on all sides but nobody facing the other way seems concerned about being shot in the back.

ElliePage2511d ago

The gameplay looks about as dull as Gears of War & Quantum Theory.

TheMutator2511d ago

i waiting for this baby , sorry Yakuza fan here

OtakuStudy2511d ago

Haha, you are forgiven. Personally I am curious to what they will bring to the genre given their previous Yakuza games have been quite different in style.