PSP gets an in-built camera

A camera is something that many people have wished for in the PSP and this mod is probably about as close as most of us will ever get (unless the PSP 2 gets one). It looks like a pretty accomplished job and is inset neatly above the MagicGate logo on the back.

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BloodySinner3847d ago

That's a really professional looking mod. Almost as if it was Sony who made it or something.

YoMeViet3847d ago

was that a joke or a compliment?

PS3PCFTW3847d ago

the kids a freaking electrical engineer. hope sony gives him a job in the 75k-130k salary range

djt233847d ago

that nice
i did the same thing to my ds

kydrice3847d ago

Companies should just hire a crack team of modders and hackers to supercede their own designs. This is freaking awesome!

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