New LittleBigPlanet Trailer

Gamersyde has just released a new trailer for LittleBigPlanet

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TANOD3875d ago

This is innovation at its finest

rofldings3875d ago

Exactly, Where's that Wii guy who's always posting about the Wii + Innovation?

This is real Innovation. You don't need motion controls to have innovative gameplay.

Can't wait for this.

lynx1halo3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Now ive seen all of the trailers, and interviews, and storys,........but this game just doesnt do it for me, honestly it looks quite boring, and crappy to be honest, I would say its more of a wanna be game developers type of game......nothing really edge of your seat fun

@below lol gnarly racoons....but yet my point remains...Gamers want to Game!!! if they wanted level creation they would go play Rollercoaster Tycoon ...or The Sims.....

Shadow Flare3875d ago

well...lynx, thats exactly what the game is, a game for wanna be developers. Got a creative mind? You're gonna love it! Obviously your head is full of dust and gnarly racoons, but there a lots of people among the gaming community that are fascinated with this game. Still, if you're not into creating stuff, then you can just play the levels people create. Casual gamers would love that. People enjoyed just playing loco roco didn't they? This game is ground-breaking, if you don't get it, its really your loss, but there are tons of people who are incredibly intrigued by this game

Kholinar3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

"This is real Innovation. You don't need motion controls to have innovative gameplay."

Nice dichotomy. Not everything is mutually exclusive, you know.

There's not a wii fan out there that would argue against this being innovative. I also doubt there are too many outside úber fanbois that would say that no one can innovate without motion controls. That's just silly. What I would say is that it's a shame that devs get so caught up in their 'by the numbers' shooters, sports games, rpgs, etc that they don't do more stuff like this. This is the most excitement I've felt over a game in years. Why isn't anyone trying something different?

I guess that I'm more interested in creating than playing along though, and in that I may be different than most gamers. So my tastes may be different and there's nothing wrong with that. But I know there's a lot of people who hardly even played a videogame before who are wowed by this concept.

People have said in other threads that this is great, but not a system seller. Well, mark it down, cause I will own a ps3 the moment this is released. This game, by itself, makes it worth the purchase.

Lynx, there are thrillers out there every year that will keep you on the edge of your seat at the movie theatres. Nothing wrong with those, though it can be like a sugar high, not as long lasting or fulfilling. On the other hand, there are a lot of creative art films that really engage your mind, make you think about spirituality or relationships, inspire you to do something new... If gaming is limited to adrenaline experiences, then it's missing out on commenting on the majority of human experience and thus is very limited as an artform. Nothing wrong with the one, but I think we should be open to other types.

TheSadTruth3875d ago

is it just me or does this remind anyone of Yoshi's story for the n64?

The graphics direction and the music seems to be JUST like it

looks like it's shaping up to be the best 2d platformer released in forever

HarryEtTubMan3875d ago

This game is gonna be revolutionary.... I think it can become the most addictive game of all time.

lawman11083875d ago

because the Wii IS FOR CHILDREN. The ONLY good thing about that trailer was the music, is anyone over 12 going to play this game? Not me I can tell you that much. People who spend over $300 bucks (adults) dont want games like these, in closing Little big planet = Big flop

Armyless3875d ago

i WILL quote you on that when you're proven wrong.

THX71683875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Welcome to the ignored list lawman1108. That was quite possibly the most retarded thing I have ever read. You sir (as the title of my comment so lovingly states) are the retarded offspring of six monkeys having butt sex with a squirrel.

@ Comment by Shadow Flare
Very well said. I gave you positive feedback and agreed with your comment.

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lawman11083875d ago

YOUR CHILD can't wait. This my Sony fan boy friends is not your answer

PS3PCFTW3875d ago


lawman youre still a douche ...........a fat ugly chicks douche, at that.

Shadow Flare3875d ago

i really love this game and the more they show the better cos it gives people more ideas of what they know they could do with levels. Brilliant, and the character customisation seems just as advanced as level creation

Rama262853875d ago

I love the look and the innovation of this game, but I've always wondered what you're supposed to do? Like, what is the point of creating all that stuff? What is the objective of each level? Do you need to create things to get your little men from A to B? Or what?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

allforcalisto3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

The devs have stated that there will be tons of objective based levels that'll come with the game. There might even be a story.

the "objectives" are going to have a very old skool feel to them by the looks of it ^_^
apparently you'll be able to create your own objectives. an example they gave was time attack levels.

in addition in the various levels there will be special item placed. You might be given a time limit, and you'll have to procure X number of items before the time runs out. The item you've obtained will then be able to be used as a part of your level or part of your clothing. i think there will be a slow trickle of more items and special levels media molecule has online, and people will compete for that rare thing.

lastly they promised "enemies" and even "bosses" in the levels.

the good thing about these trailers is that they showcase the level of creativity in the game. the bad thing is that they don't really articulate visually enough about the final product. When it gets closer to realease we'll see more i reckon.

DolphGB3875d ago

There are three modes to LBP - Create, Play, Share.

From what we've seen some of the objects you place down on the level when you are in 'create' mode are collectables.

So you can create levels (and adjust them or customise them on the fly when playng) for a unique platform game experience and then share these levels with the world so others can download your level, play it and rate it. The best rated or downloaded levels will appear on leaderboards.

We're sure there are other objectives too and other types of game object that will see you doing all sorts of things, and through downloadable content the develoeprs could come up with new game items all the time.

Hope that helps.

Shadow Flare3875d ago

Well the best answer you can get is watching the original GDC video where the developers talk you through it. However, LittleBigPlanet is to gaming what YouTube is to videos. You create a level, and share it with the world. And the creativity is endless, so you create levels to any look, size, anyway you want. Its also physics based so when objects fall down, they fall down realistically and interact with other objects. And you can create mechanical objects too. You can also create levels with friends online, at home whatever. Taylor you level to how want it, and then share it! The way i like to think of it best is, im creating my own megadrive game (like sonic), but with awesome graphics and real life physics, and i can share my hardwork with everyone to enjoy. And the fact i can do something that i wanted to do when i was a kid, to make my own game like sonic the hedgehog, is just fascinating

Devr3875d ago

Imo, the goal of the game is to have fun with your friends and be creative. That's it. And it's absolutely brilliant.

You can of course just play objective based levels made by other players. There will be hundreds of them.

Primetimebt3875d ago

So will I be able to play this game online?

Siesser3875d ago

Yes, you can play this game online, or even just mess around and build levels online, with at least 3 friends (4-players), maybe more.

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name3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Lol who gave you a disagree? Try going to the main site. I think it is.