PS Vita 3G Spec Only 20,000 Yen

"A user from Twitter, claiming Playstation Vita's pricing has been decreased. The price was supposed ¥29,980 ($390), but it has been decreased 20,000¥"

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rabidpancakeburglar2533d ago

I seriously doubt it, that is quite a large drop and I think too large even if it did have a poor launch. Plus Sony aren't the type to drop their prices quickly.

badz1492532d ago

but the thing about Japanese 3G version is it's locked to only DoCoMo if I'm not mistaken which is not really offering the best price for data package in Japan. I might be wrong though.

US 3G version will also be locked to AT&T, right? the same problem will happen there too!

I bought the HK 3G version which is the unlocked one. I can use whatever network I want! why would Sony not doing this for all 3G versions is beyond me

MasterCornholio2532d ago

“Have found full of shocking things in the neighborhood or not. 20,000 yen VITA is unused 3G version?”

Its probably the retailers dropping the price because they can't manage to sell the 3G version however the WiFi one is selling just fine and I believe it can go a whole year without a price drop.


tiffac0082532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

It is by retailers

Although the price seems to be different ^^;;

ronin4life2532d ago

The vita sold just over 40,000 units last week.

MasterCornholio2532d ago

Not bad considering it isn't the holiday season and there's no titles that the Japanese are crazy about. In total so far the Vita has sold 490000 out of their initial stock of 500000.

Once the Vita gets killer games for the Japanese it will start to sell very well in Japan.


Rainstorm812532d ago

I doubt it but if its true hope those saving translate to the US ID love a 200$ 3G vita

KonaBro2532d ago

20,000 Yen is more like $260 US.

Rainstorm812532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

The 3G Vita goes for ¥29,980 in Japan and 299$ is the US.

By the same logic a 20,000 Vita woulds be 200$ US.

Its not a direct conversion if so the 3G Vita would be near 400$ in the US

nyobzoo2532d ago

most likely now Sony will just produce less 3g version and more wifi version

Baka-akaB2532d ago

I doubt they even produced 50/50 for those anyway . They ought to know the lesser model would sell better , with so few advantages

Razongunz2532d ago

oh nice price..ur not fooling me eyes are pinned to WIFI O.o

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