Video Game Piracy Has Declined, Figures Show

According to a study which looked at the most pirated games of 2011, the stats show that video game pirating may be on the decline.

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zeal0us2539d ago

Piracy down
DRMs,Online passes, Overprice DLC, UP!

Army_of_Darkness2538d ago

cause its hard to burn blu-ray games dammit!! -_-

RedDead20672538d ago

As a legitimate PC Gamer on Steam, I hate piracy.

It means publishers keep games on console only, like Red Dead Redemption.

Chnswdchldrn2538d ago

Thats a pretty BS reason to completely disregard an entire platform, because I'm pretty damn sure 360 owners and PS3 owners have pirated their share of RDR

hellvaguy2537d ago

Except that its a huge pain to pirate on the xbox and ps, plus you get banned online if you try and play a modded console that plays pirated games.

DasTier2538d ago

Because there's nothing worth pirating ATM!