PSUReviews Conan - "Ultimately feels like God of War clone"

Although it can prove mildly entertaining at points, Conan ultimately ends up feeling like an uninspired clone of Sony's superior God of War series.

* + Exceptionally brutal counter-kills
* + Sweeping orchestral score

* - Seriously lacking in the graphics department
* - Gameplay becomes repetitive towards the second half
* - Cringe-worthy dialogue

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MK_Red3939d ago

I'd give it a 7.5/10. It was a really fun game IMO but hey, I'm a sucker for anything remotely resembling GOW and I also love Conan's world.

ygxbrayzie3939d ago

the characters are fugly

MK_Red3939d ago

Except for the ladies ;)

picker3323939d ago

But still not as good as gow!
And the combat IS repetitive,but not like asscreed.
when i meant,This game was better then i thought
i thought the score would be like 4.5/10.
But still feel's like i should have rented this game instead.

Peace Out!

Bubble Buddy3939d ago

It is a God of War clone. all the controls are almost the same. with the interface in the game almost the same even with the red orbs thingy. Also the levers, wonder where'd they get that from...