My Little Sister Can't Possibly Be This Cute Portable's Sequel Receives Trailer

Unveiled by Namco Bandai, this is the first trailer to the sequel of My Little Sister Can't Possibly Be This Cute Portable.

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Bundi2303d ago

And they wonder why they can't compete in today's gaming market

Redempteur2303d ago

Visuals novels are fine ..Lots of people actually want to see the first game translated ( and it's getting translated ATM ).

you can bet this game will sell a lot.

you just don't understand the appeal.

papashango2303d ago

I'd rather not even attempt to understand the appeal.

All I know is western folk who watch anime don't even pay for it. So why attempt to sell them anything?

rezzah2303d ago

They make many games like this, these types of games are not meant for the western market.

So your comment makes no sense.

It would fit other games that are not novel based.

SandwichHammock2303d ago

I really have a hard time seeing things like this and keeping my mouth shut. In my opinion might just as well take the plunge and get into cp if you are such a sick f*** as to be okay with the underlying theme of f***ing your "adopted" little sister.

...and as for not understanding "appeal"... You should be skinned.

Redempteur2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Another case of someone talking without knowledge.

First , there is no "adopted" theme going on.
Second there is no sex in the game , in the anime nor in the novel.

Third the main theme is how the otakus are viewed by society.. and seeing how stupid people like you always make assumptions before knowing the "truth", this is indeed true that this kind of games have to exist.

Fourth the game isn't to f**k anyone it's a classic Vn with endings ..if watching clannad make me a sick person , then everyone on earth is doomed.

Now take your hate and your misconceptions elsewhere ..and next time you talk , have the decency to think before your write.

SandwichHammock2303d ago

wow, you're actually trying to defend this/yourself?! Not only that but you go ahead and call me stupid because of my opinion. Are you stupid because you have an opinion? I might consider you a sick f*** with a misguided sexuality... but... apparently the depiction of very young females in short skirts and dresses are AOKAY <---because I don't know the "truth" (why did you put this in quotations anyway? its not the truth? ...and I'm stupid?) and am apparently stupid.

Good Luck Buddy.

Redempteur2303d ago

Well you're talking without informations and based on misconceptions're just pathetic.

i don't judge a game without knowing what's inside AKA the plot, the characters the gameplay .

You're doing none of the above from all the fans of Oreimo to you : "Screw you and have a nice day "