5 Vita Features The PS3 Needs

Like the PSP before it, is Vita an insight to future PlayStation console features?

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Godmars2902455d ago

Given that in-game pics and video have been available since launch and was never made mandatory, doubt its going to happen now.

Though Sony should be able retool PSN so that downloads can be categorized into demos, DLC, full games, etc.

L6RD7BLU32455d ago

I would also like to see my psn ps3 account if my internet goes down or something like that.

nolifeking2455d ago

I swear they have the whole category thing going, but then again you could be from anywhere and this Cali swag just makes things easier for me. Then again I don't give a crap about what I don't give a crap about(cross game chat chat?).

Just for me Godmars: Did you use to frequent the gametrailers boards? That avatar and name can't be a cowinkadink.

BitbyDeath2455d ago

Should just wait for the PS4, i doubt the PS3 will receive too many major upgrades this year.

thawind2455d ago

Make the PSN Store look more appealing at least.

Venjense2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Vita should be PS3s unique version of Onlive.

Any disk in the tray should be able to be played on your Vita anywhere.

It's a shame Sony never puts 100% behind anything (Move, Home, Internet Browser, OS functioning/speed, etc.). They're full of amazing products and ideas but lack proper execution and full support too often.

tarbis2455d ago

Agreed, they're strong with the hardware but weak with the software. They should really improve that. They can, but I don't know why they aren't doing it.

resistance1002455d ago

How did this article miss out Cross-Game Chat

_Aarix_2454d ago

Cause the vita has it.

resistance1002454d ago

Yep it's a Vita feature the PS3 needs and quite a big one :)

Just surprised it's not in the article