Bioware clarifies pre-order bonus confusion with Mass Effect 3

Bioware’s Chris Priestly has clarified a few details regarding the pre-order bonuses that were revealed for the upcoming multiplatform role-playing game, Mass Effect 3.

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FrightfulActions2413d ago

What I'd rather know if this mean's people who preordered Collector's edition may get gimped out of some game-content so that someone who get's the normal version from a special retailer. If you bought the Collector's edition, it should include every bit of extra 'exclusive' content any other retail can offer for preordering the normal version of the game.

JohnApocalypse2413d ago

Which retailer in the UK do you pre-order from to get the N7 war gear

Lucreto2413d ago

According to Eurogamer GAME will get the content. They have the collectors edition as will so you will get both pieces of dlc.

I am getting it from Gamestop in Ireland so I hope I get it as well.

tigertron2412d ago

Thats good to know because I pre-ordered the CE from

Chnswdchldrn2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Ill purchase the game and just download all the BS content they are withholding from us from demonoid or something. I aint having none of that bullshit. Screw your preorder bonuses, EA; I will not accept a gimped game because I didn't shell out extra dollars for stuff thats on the freaking disc

dktxx22413d ago

I sometimes wonder if EA actually thinks that this will make people buy the game multiple times at different stores just so they can have everything, but then I think even EA can't be that dumb or greedy.

gamingdroid2412d ago

Take one hard look at their history and think again....