Top 10 Most Anticipated Playstation Vita Games

If you’re ready for what the PS Vita has to offer check out the Top 10 Most anticipated Playstation Vita games.

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tiffac0082507d ago

I've been able to get my hands on a Vita and played the demo of Gravity Rush and I can't wait for its full release.

remanutd552507d ago

i hope to get my hands on a vita very very soon

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2507d ago

My most anticipated games are all new ips. I already know uncharted modnation and the like are fun. I'm most anticipated gravity rush, escape plan, reality fighters. And Shinobido 2 (I know it's not new but I never actually played the first two so it's new to me.)

blusoops2507d ago

Also don't forget Sound Shapes!
everyone forgets sound shapes :(

MasterCornholio2507d ago

Katamari Damashi.


resistance1002507d ago

Gravity Rush, Motorstorm RC, Uncharted, Everybody's Golf to name a few