Glossy Eyed reviews Tekken Hybrid

Glossy Eyed recently sat down on the couch with a friend to play Namco’s latest installment in their Tekken series, Tekken Hybrid. It turns out Tekken Hybrid is just a cut-and-paste job of “Tekken Tag Tournament”, Tekken’s 1999 installment for the PS2, a sneak peek at TTT 2, and a full length movie. Tekken Tag Tournament featured the same exact maps, characters, and skins. It was laughable at best.

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maniacmayhem2512d ago

That Tekken Blood Vengeance was absolute and complete garbage.

How dare Namco!

rezzah2511d ago

I liked it, just needed more fight scenes.

maniacmayhem2511d ago

That's pretty much why I thought it was so bad. A fighting game based movie with hardly any fighting.

rizzo-rizzo2511d ago

I hate Alissa Bosconovitch. Such a horrible fan service she is. Xiayou's alright, but they both stole the show. CG Tekken movie was something one could only dream of years ago, and they go on & make it like so. Also, such a script doesn't belong in the hands of the Ghost in a Shell team. What the hell were they thinking?