MLG Drops All Domains From GoDaddy For Their Support For SOPA

MLG has just announced that they have officially removed all of their domains from, of which include over 100 domains, as a response to GoDaddy’s support for SOPA.

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zeal0us2455d ago

Haven't GD reverse decision on Sopa? If only what happen to GD would happen to everyone else who is on the list.

C_Menz2454d ago

Even if they did it still doesn't change much. Can't just go back to them after a few days, have to make it hurt to get the point across.

D3mons0ul2454d ago

Even if they did reverse their decision, they still deserve to crumble simply for being Godaddy.

gamingdroid2454d ago

***If only what happen to GD would happen to everyone else who is on the list.***

That means you likely wouldn't be playing games at all as Nintendo, Sony and MS all supported it.

Presently though, MS, Nintendo and divisions of Sony has retracted their support for Sony. However, oddly parts of Sony still supports SOPA!

Entire list of SOPA supporters are listed here straight from the white house:

ElliePage2454d ago

MLG also dropped all hardcore games for their support of being competitive. Now MLG supports the casuals with heavy auto-aiming shooters like CoD & Halo.

Hicken2454d ago

Dude, give it a rest.