Metal Gear Solid HD Collection: PlayStation Vita Trailer, Fan Made?

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Playstation Vita Trailer was just released. Not sure if the trailer is real or fan made. Was just released off a Japanese gaming site.

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user8586212536d ago

Its a fake fanmade trailer

Undeadwolfy2536d ago

It even says it in the description it's fan made lol. Plus, the trailer didn't even mention what was in the game or mention Transfarring so it's obvious IRS fan made. Was good from the beginning, looked believable but then got really boring essentially thrown cutscenes from all the games in.

rezzah2536d ago

Even if it is not I believe this will be the first game that Konami will use for "transfarring". If that is what it is called, I can't really remember.

It will allow one to play the same game with the same files on their portable device or home system.

"Take it on the go" sort of thing.

MetalX2536d ago

If it didnt come from Konami or Kojima Productions then it's likely fake.

MasterCornholio2536d ago

Meh i dont really care if its fake because im pretty sure that due to the remastering the Vita version should be better than the PS2 one not to mention its a sweet collection of 3 excellent Kojima games.

Nice trailer though.

Razongunz2536d ago

i'm very sceptical about this one tbh, i have never been a big stealth game fan but i hear that MGS is the best of its kind, and then its a remake so the graphics are ps2.. that might not be a big issue but it doesnt affect my decision.

i'll have to w8 and see some propper gameplay from the vita perspective b4 i can decide xD

soundslike2536d ago

MGS2 and 3 are some of the best games EVER MADE

there is no decision, just get it!

Eamon2536d ago

lmao, it's ironic you have a picture of Raiden and you haven't ever played an MGS game.

Let's just say MGS1-4+PW are the best stealth games ever made.

Razongunz2536d ago

haha yeah i know my pic is silly, i have heard alot about MGS and i know how big it is..just havent played it yet, as for raiden..he was kinda awesome and i love cyporgs, then again fans of MGS hate metal gear rising xD but yeah MGRR is one game i really wanna try beeing an action bases game with cyborgs.. but i'll see i might pick up the HD collection :)

aviator1892536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

well, the trailer looks pretty awesome and the music reminds me of inception.

But the music is from transformers dark of the moon, so it's 99.99% likely it's a fake.

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