IGN - The Empire is Winning in The Old Republic's PvP

IGN - Star Wars: The Old Republic: it's out, it's good, and it's popular. With the trial period about to end for those who bought the game at launch, BioWare is starting to talk about how various parts of its game will evolve in the near future.

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coolbeans2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Despite being saddened by the news (I'm Republic), I think it would be cool for that to have some long term effect if/when expansions, or even patches, come around. Perhaps Sith gain a better foothold on neutral planets of something of that nature.

HebrewHammer2242d ago

I hope not! As it stands, the Republic to Empire ratio average is about 1:6

Screw the Sith!

For the Republic!

MorbidPorpoise2241d ago

Death to you Republic scum! :P

Titanz2242d ago

It's good being bad, huh? ;)