PlayStation Vita: Three Steps To Making Sony's Handheld More Desirable

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Like many Sony fans, we cannot wait to get our hands on PlayStation Vitas when the system officially debuts in the U.S. February 22. A five-inch OLED screen, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, dual analog sticks...what's not to like?

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Colwyn2540d ago

call of duty, ffvs13 port and skyrim on vita would be amazing.

sloth33952539d ago

call of duty was announced for the vita when they were first showing off the system

Majin-vegeta2539d ago

So does this mean when i see a kid playing cod on the Vita he's gonna be raging in public with all the swear words??.

Rush2539d ago

Hopefully not I don't want to go to jail for applying X Knuckle Sandwich to X child...

smashcrashbash2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Chris could you take a break from the VITA hate for a second and shut up for goodness sake? We all know you are biased against the VITA. You advice and thoughts have no merit in this situation.

metsgaming2539d ago

2 articles in a very short period of time wow thats obsession

brettyd2539d ago

i don't know what else Sony can do really, its got the best launch lineup in recent memory and the price is very affordable. I mean cmon people were speculating that it would be like 500 bucks. This happens every time a new system is launched, its always doomed.

STANK082539d ago

Actually when you throw in a game or 2, and a memory card that's 500 bucks easily. As bad as I want a vita I'll pass. There's not 1 launch title screaming " I have to have this system now".

I'll wait until a brand spankin new Metal Gear/Syphon Filter type of game released on vita before I make my purchase. It's sad, because I want 1 sooooo bad.

Majin-vegeta2539d ago

Umm no offence but did you fail math in school??Cuz your way off.

theeg2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

$200 price tag, memory cards WAY cheaper, until then, rough sales ahead.

personally though, i think it is worth more and i will be buying it, i just think for it to be a commercial craze (which i can care less about, but i do want it to sell very well so it will be supported properly) it needs to be cheaper.

Soldierone2539d ago

I wanted one even more badly ever since I got an Xperia Play. The games made for it utilize the touch screen and buttons, and thats what made Vita so awesome. You are basically saying Vita will be top notch variations of those games, and that is what is so exciting.

If they get PS Suite going on Xperia Play I will be even more excited.

Honestly I don't see Vita being a "craze" and I don't see the adults that think they are "tech saavy" to jump on it. It isn't "cool" to them and the games will be too complex to keep their interest anyways.

smashcrashbash2539d ago

Every game on the VITA isn't 'complex'. Check out the game line up. Not every game is 'complex'@ STANK08 $500? Where the hell did you get that number? A VITA, a 8 GB card and 2 games barely even cross $360 and you get $500.00?

MasterCornholio2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I guess from 2 copies of Uncharted a 32GB memory stick and a 3G Vita would cost you 500€. But I doubt that the majority will do this.

What the typical buyer will get is a WiFi Vita, 4GB stick and a 40€ game. Which would cost in total 310€

But in my case since I am going all digital I am getting a WiFi Vita, 16GB stick and 2 digital copies (about 50€) which will cost me 350€.


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The story is too old to be commented.