Wii U A No Show For 2012? writes: Well Nintendo, it's 2012 and we still know bugger all about your upcoming console. Sure, we know it has been creatively named the Wii U, (I still think they should call it the Super Wii) and we know it has a tablet-esque controller that can be used even when the television is turned off. All of this information was revealed back in June of last year, during Nintendo's E3 press conference, but since then it has largely been quiet on the western front.

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Optical_Matrix2269d ago

Did they not say, many times, that you won't hear about Wii U for a while. 2012 has just started. Calm down and give them a rest. Jesus christ.

hellerphant2269d ago

But we haven't heard anything about the Wii U since June.....

Shok2269d ago

Because Iwata actually came out and said that WE WON'T until E3.......

They're doing this on purpose, they're saving all surprises for E3.

Khordchange2268d ago

They did the exact same thing with the Wii. Give it time

mike1up2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )


I feel that it was a mistake for Nintendo to unveil the WiiU at E3, if they were going to make us wait an entire year to learn anything about it.

Don't get me wrong here, the Zelda HD demo blew me away (it sold the system for me). And I think that the idea of a 2nd screen is absolutely brilliant.

The problem with unveiling a product, and waiting a year before describing what makes it different, is that now you are ultimately competing against yourself. Sure we are all still talking about it, and know nothing new about the system. But Nintendo is giving people an entire year to dream about what they want/expect from the WiiU. If it doesn't meet expectations then it's all bad.

ChickeyCantor2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )


It could also be the fact that the rumors were true after all.
They did say they weren't originally showing it off at E3 2011. But pressure kinda made them.

"But Nintendo is giving people an entire year to dream about what they want/expect from the WiiU."
We can't even be sure if the final dev-kits are done or not. Nintendo wasn't sure on the specs themselves.

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jacen1002269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

they cant give away information to the competitors either, in years past you were getting all the information well before console releases its a different story now tho its all kept hush hush till near release time , also i agree totally with shok come E3 they will have more to showcase

mike1up2268d ago

Lol Your title scared me.

I couldn't disagree more about the WiiU's price tag. Remember the 3DS launch... and price drop less than 6 months later? If you believe that the WiiU will be more than $579, think again. It's not going to happen. I am thinking closer to the $350-$400 range.

ChickeyCantor2268d ago

The lack of games was also a factor. If Nintendo can boost the launch titles way up, more people might be interested though.

mike1up2268d ago

True, the games just weren't there. The Ocarina and Starfox 3D remakes were great... but not nearly enough.

However an $80 price drop after just 6 months, screams overpriced.

Ck1x2267d ago

The title has no bearing on anything with the Wii U being shown off in 2012 and its only the 7th day of the year