Xbox 360 memory card antitrust suit gets settled out of court

Microsoft and accessory maker Datel have settled their respective Xbox 360-related lawsuits against each other, which included allegations of patent infringement and antitrust law violations.

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Vortex3D2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Always amazing about such type of lawsuit because X360 custom memory card hasn't been supported since the slim model came out.

Also, X360 has been supporting general USB flash drive for sometime now (even that's because of the lawsuit, it's a good thing for the gamers).

One thing that 3rd party never want to say about 1st party blocking the 3rd party product for xyz reasons. 3rd party loves to sue for the damages on not able to sell. But really if there was no block by the 1st party, can the 3rd party really have made that much sales?

If you look at the history of 3rd party suing the 1st party for different reasons, the 3rd party product was already selling poorly and the lawsuit is their excuse to get more money out of the 1st party.

256bit2533d ago

memory card?...that so 1995

GraveLord2533d ago

I forgot any current-gen consoles even had memory cards!

BitbyDeath2533d ago

Vita is a handheld device.

TheGameFoxJTV2530d ago

Handheld gaming console. So it's still a console.

SKUD2533d ago

Not for the xbox (2005).

_Aarix_2533d ago

Its still very handy to backup saves on it and put it away.

Goozex2533d ago

Settled out of court? Hmm, goi g by ms history they like to stay out of court and shovel $ to keep em quiet.

just_looken2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

that or the classic bullet/concrete treatment out back.