Potential for PS Vita not realized, mirrors PS3 and PSP

For those awaiting the new PS Vita the news that it might not be doing as well as expected may not come as a shock. When the PSP and PS3 first came out the figures then show that they also had a slow start, so we thought it would be wise to look at a few views that may help us with a general perspective.

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LOGICWINS2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

How could its potential possibly be realized if it hasn't even launched worldwide yet? The PS3 has been around since 2006 and it STILL hasn't reached its potential. The article isn't bad. The inclusion of a 4GB card in every box is a good idea...but the title should be changed. It doesn't make any sense.

ssb31732115d ago

Its inentertainment, what do you expect :L

danswayuk2114d ago

I agree with title, although the PS Vita is a little worrying for some people, first up is the price and Japan launch is nowhere near the access it should have been, second is the battery life, which is a joke.

morganfell2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

You mean the price of which the industry overwhelmingly approved at E3? The price which everyone agreed hit the sweet spot?

It's absurd to listen to people harp over the same price about which praises were sung mere months before. You may not have been one of those and if not then you were in the far, far, far, far minority.

EDIT: I agree with the idea that such articles writing on the bathroom walls before launch is ridiculous. Ridiculous as in such pieces are deserving of ridicule. The only purpose such slander provides is to fully identify authors and websites whose poor opinions and moronic editorial practices need be avoided.

Bundi2114d ago

Back then, the 3DS was also $250 and so VITA looked very attractive in comparison. Now however, it is the most expensive handheld in the market and the expensive memory cards were a very greedy move on SONY's part. I hope you can take your SONY shades off to see that.

LightofDarkness2114d ago

It's not "greed", it's the only way they can recoup some of the losses they're taking when they sell each Vita. Do you think a machine as advanced and packed with hardware as the Vita actually costs $249 to design, manufacture and distribute per unit?

It's the same as new and overpriced controllers at a console launch or other peripherals. Admittedly, some form of internal storage would have made it more attractive when you consider it effectively requires such, but them's the breaks. Industry/consumers demanded $249 and they got it.

koehler832114d ago


The Vita didn't look attractive compared to the 3DS. The 3DS looked stupid by comparison. That's why Nintendo made their move.

Snookies122114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

The battery life is just the same if not better than the 3DS. So, that's not really arguable there. If people were angry about battery life the 3DS would have done worse in sales as well.

The only reason it's not doing (as well) as everyone expected, is because the games that are out for it are geared more towards the western market. That is all. Once released overseas it will doing amazingly, and when some more japanese-style games come out for it sales -will- pick up over there.

Rockdown2114d ago

I have a 3DS and a vita. The vita has the superior battery life.

BubloZX2114d ago

I got my vita too. Its epic! And the battery life with both systems running at everything on high is proof that my 3DS purchase was a waste. But I still love my 3DS. But my psv is soo much better

Razongunz2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

aha battery life huh? compared to what? 3ds? iphone?

the ps vita has the best battery life of its compeditors, with full blast a 3DS can do up to a max 3 hours, a iphone ..if u where to play infinity blade 2 or whatever that new kickass iOS game is called the iphone battery wouldnt last longer than 2-3 hours tops

i just got back from watching one on youtube, nice fella he talks about the ps vita and shows gameplay, one of his latest videos he talked about battery life.. he had the vita on ABSOLUTE max settings..brightness max 3G on wifi on bluetooth on and he also played online..he got 4 hours and 23 minutes out of it and this was max, with his normal setting where he had 50% brightness and bluetooth of he got over 6 hours battery life on the vita.

in this time handhelds, mobiles.. portable whatever..rarly gets more than a couple of hours if u play demanding games on it, a laptop..gaming there gives u 2-4 hours if u got it maxed out, 3ds gives like 3 smartphones gives 2-5 hours..the vita has a 4-6+ hours gaming depending on ur settings..don't give me that battery life BS.. yes the DSi and DS lite and psp had more battery..but those where lower tech..outdated tech..u won't find a handheld/portable device made 2011 or later that pulls out more than 2- 6 hours. the vita battery is fine. and have u considered thinking about what power the vita has? ofc it uses battery!...

EDIT: skyghene22 is the one on youtube u might want to watch something..he has a vita..u might learn something from him..

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )


What fresh hell is this? A recycled doom an gloom phase deserves a recycled meme.


Snookies122114d ago

Hahaha, cause fresh hell is better than stale hell! :D

Fishy Fingers2114d ago

Not bored of this yet....?

'Sites' without a Vita knocking out doom and gloom articles only to be defended by people, who again, don't have a Vita.

Why not at least wait until its launched first?

TacoTaru2114d ago

If enough US & European people start canceling pre-orders because it seems as though a price cut is coming it will help force a price cut. I was burned by the 3DS price cut and don't want to do that again. Seriously considering canceling on Amazon. The lower the launch sales the more likely a lower price or inclusion of the memory card.

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