Capcom quiet on Zak & Wiki 2 and SF4 date rumour

Capcom has kept quiet on Internet rumours it has pencilled in Zak & Wiki 2 for the Wii and hotly anticipated beat-em-up Street Fighter 4 on Xbox 360 and PS3 for Q4 2008/Q1 2009.

The rumour came from a poster on popular game forum NeoGaf, who claimed over the weekend to have received a European retailer list detailing some new Capcom games.

However, in a post on Capcom's website, Seth Killian, Capcom Entertainment Inc. Senior Manager, Community, poured scorn on the rumour, saying: "Why would a retailer, source of approximately all leaked info in the gaming universe, just be randomly given a list of titles as far out as Q1 2009?

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MK_Red3729d ago

Both would rule even though I was kinda disappointed after seeing the SF4 screens. I was expecting the game to look more like the uber cool trailer but the in game shots are far more cartoonish and less stylish thant that trailer.
As for Z&W2, the HAVE to make it.

picker3323729d ago

Look's like a n64 game!

BloodySinner3729d ago

At least I'm not the only one who thought that.

Kholinar3729d ago

This is always fun.

My opinion? Zack and Wiki looks nothing like anything on the n64, but if it did... I wouldn't care. That's because Z&W does have the gameplay, humor and complexity to back it up. Classic games don't die when their graphics become outdated. Thus Z&W will continue to be referenced as a great game for a long time.

Ask yourself if the same is true about your HD titles.

wiizy3729d ago

nintendo needs to get capcom more money and keep the wii winning

jinn3728d ago

nothing to be quiet about zak and wiki 2