Has Mario Kart Hit a Wall?

The Mario Kart franchise is undeniably fun, but it's also the same game being cranked out over 7 releases with little improvement since its inception in 1992. And while its core mechanics are impressive enough to require such little adjustment, ModNation Racers is all-too-often overlooked for moving the genre forward with its own racing mechanics.

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browngamer412415d ago

Year after year?Let's see they are now on the seventh Mario Kart (hence the title ) since the series inception in 92'. If I did my math right that's seven games in 20 years...

Titanz2415d ago

The gaming media hates the fact that Nintendo has a ton of IP's that are million sellers. I can't understand why people (cough*N4G*cough) detest a company so much, when its livelihood is based purely on the videogame market.

buckley2415d ago

It's not about detesting a company at all... The Mario Kart games are undeniably fun. What's interesting is the double-standard. The Mario Kart franchise hit its high point on N64, the second release of 7. Franchises are regularly vilified for doing what this one has done.

Not that Mario Kart deserves to be vilified. My point is just that it is perhaps getting a bit too much credit for stalling, while ModNation Racers is getting too little for innovating.

Viper72414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

It's actually LittleBigPlanet who is to blame for the lack of credit. LBP was introduced a year earlier in E3 with loads of attention going in to the "Play, create and share" idea. After modnation tried to do the same but year later, it just gave the impression of "LBP with karts?"

f7897902414d ago

Why hasn't Nintendo done what modnation did? That's what dissapoints me. Allow people to make their own tracks and people will flip out with excitement as if hasn't been done before. -_-

dedicatedtogamers2414d ago

Mario Kart games have always been fun. They don't need to change. I mean, do we need Street Fighter to go full 3D (with 3D movement)? Do we need Halo to add in racing, RPG, and volleyball mechanics?

Infernostew2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )


But at least Capcom tried something different with the Street Fighter EX series... Nintendo should at least have a track editor in their 7th entry into the Mario Kart series. The Mario Kart games are always great but could you imagine people being able to make their own tracks and upload them for people to download, it would be crazy.

dedicatedtogamers2414d ago

@ Infernostew

Oh, don't misunderstand. I'm all for Mario Kart trying new things. But does it NEED to try new things? Has it hit a wall? No way. It's still an ace kart racing game, easily the best on the market.

And SF Ex was probably the worst game in the series, so I'm not sure what you were trying to point out with that. ;)

n4f2414d ago

mario kart didnt hit a wall it hit a mushroom. and beside if mario kart hit a wall than grand tourismo hit a wall also. uncharted too(wow that was early)lets not talk about god of war. final fantasy any one?
see my point, keep playing your game and dont listen to anyone who talk trash about a game if you like it.

AdvanceWarsSgt2414d ago

I like how people say Nintendo hasn't tried new things with MK yet completely forget the Missions mode in MKDS.

Really sucks that they didn't include that in MK7 though.

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Knushwood Butt2414d ago

There are always double standards when it comes to the gaming media reviewing Nintendo games.

It's as if Nintendo games are in a category of their own and cannot under any circumstances be judged against anything else, or any of the previous games in that series either.

I have a feeling that may change somewhat with the Wii U though.

dark-hollow2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

There is a reason why nintendo and it franchises are still alive for more than two decades.

Many "old" beloved franchises have fallen and the media never gave mercy to those games in ratings.

Even tho, by your logic, any good old franchise sequel gonna be highly praised regardless to quality and due to "nostalgia", right??

Why duke nukem have bombed?? Castlevania??? Resident evil??
Shouldnt the "media" rate those games with rose tinted glasses because of nostalgia???

You excuse the media of biasness but maybe you are the biased one because you are hating on nintendo titles just because they are old and still successful!

hellvaguy2414d ago

"Why duke nukem have bombed?? Castlevania??? Resident evil?? Shouldnt the "media" rate those games with rose tinted glasses because of nostalgia???"

Because these werent exclusive to Nintendo. Plus these games are more hardcore, so without the kiddie cult nostalgia (burp+giggle+squeek noises), they always been subject to a much harsher review.

thebudgetgamer2414d ago

My biggest problem with the last Mario kart was catch-up A.I.

lorianguy2414d ago

I loved Double Dash!! Because you had 2 people in a kart and specials!

Still my favorite MarioKart to date! Unfortunately it was relatively unpopular due to the cube's negative popularity.

Snookies122414d ago

Same here, loved it, I don't know why people didn't love the Cube as much as they should have. It was a fantastic console!

resistance1002414d ago

It was a case of the PS2 just being too damn good that generation. Kind of killed everything it touched.

Still on the plus side it did mean we could get a gamecube and games dead cheap back then which came in handy :D

Matrix2k2414d ago Show
DNAbro2414d ago

I'm sorry but ModNation was pretty mediocre compared to Mario Kart. Yes you can build as many courses as you want, but not one of the courses i have played even came close to the brilliant design of most mario kart courses.

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