Eurogamer Review: 3/10 for The Golden Compass

While no doubt some critics relish the chance to tear into a development team's latest creation with a firework display of cruel adjectives and poisonous put-downs, games journalists should always be reminded that behind every shoddy release there are many man years' worth of hard work, unpaid overtime and neglected families.

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MK_Red3755d ago

While it's a movie based game, it's still sad to see a Shiny developed game get such a low score. But most of Shiny's big members have left over the years so it's predictabpe.

MK_Red3755d ago

I actually heard pretty negative stuff about the movie and how they removed the original ending from the book and made everything too Hollywoodish.

Baba19063755d ago

well if you dont know the book, the movie is pretty good. at least i thought so. many who read the book said they changed it a bit too much. the actors on the other hand are very good, even the little girl.

MK_Red3755d ago

I haven't read the book so I might it enjoy it.
Thanks for the advise :)