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PS Vita or 3DS?

There's definitely a buzz for the first time in ages involving portable systems. This buzz comes from the technologies and the possibilities involved with both the Sony Playstation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS. (3DS, Mobile, Next-Gen, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Tag Invalid, Tech, Wii, Wii U)

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Optical_Matrix  +   1301d ago
firefoxprime  +   1300d ago
6 months ago, I would've agreed with you. But I'm enjoying the 5 year backlog of my new PS3!(May 2011)

I'll focus my cash on PS3 games on my 65in 3D Samsung, and'll soon buy my first 3DS game this year. Probably Kid Icarus. Its just more fun shelling out $40 and getting 2-4 PS3 games vs 1 3DS/Vita, know what I mean?
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AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1300d ago
None of you are making any real compelling points, just throwing fanboy shots at each other as if they mean anything.
cpayne93  +   1300d ago
@Blaah and RoMee you're both idiots STFU.
darthv72  +   1300d ago
I agree with optical
I have both the ds and psp and enjoy the variety of games on each. I enjoy gaming to much to settle on one or another.

Now there will be those who wont choose option 3 "both". So for that it comes down to one thing and one thing only. GAMES. How the games appeal to the individual dictates their choice.

I've been a long time mario/zelda/metroid fan and have recently become an uncharted/killzone/lbp fan so considering availability I would choose the 3ds over the vita for now.

Plus i like how i can just pop in one of my existing ds games to play on the 3ds (sans 3d of course). Perhaps sony will sort out their UMD-vita program and it wont cost an arm/leg to play some of my umd games on the vita.

Tech wise its no brainer the vita is the total package but when it comes to the games themselves it is all about what you have more fun playing. Fun is a subjective term because entertainment value is placed differently on different games and for different people.
Majin-vegeta  +   1301d ago
PSVita-When i want to lose myself in gameplay

3ds=When i feel like playing Mario or some other nintendo franchise.
Titanz  +   1301d ago
Isn't the point of 3D to, "lose yourself in gameplay?"
Vita, on the other hand, is an HD portable console.
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MRMagoo123  +   1300d ago
You cant lose yourself in the 3ds when all you do is move a lil bit and the 3d effect is out gone till you move back again imo.
fear88  +   1300d ago
I cannot get into a game if 3D is causing me a migraine.
PopRocks359  +   1300d ago
You mean the same 3D that you can adjust and even turn off at any given time?
MRMagoo123  +   1299d ago

Then why not just buy a normal DS?
Shnazzyone  +   1299d ago
@magoo... because it has the capability of pumping out HD quality graphics with or without 3d and it's considerably more functional and supported than a ds.

That's like saying, "oh I have to plug my ps3 into a standard definition set, I might as well be playing ps2."
MRMagoo123  +   1299d ago
HD graphics on the 3ds lol the one i own must be a cheap knockoff then cos its far from HD looking when i play it with the 20 plus games i have.
Shnazzyone  +   1299d ago

Maybe you just have a normal ds and don't know better. How do you have 20 3ds games already otherwise? I've bought every major release and i've bought about 10 games. held onto 5. Maybe you also have no taste in games and bought all the bad stuff too.

Of course your name is also magoo, perhaps your eyes don't work and you go on pretending you can see.
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Shnazzyone  +   1299d ago
Psvita - when it's in a bargain bin after failing for being over priced

3DS- when I actually want to play a library of games.
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brettyd  +   1299d ago
That was simply an idiotic comment.
Shnazzyone  +   1299d ago

Hey my comment looks like pure genius compared to the sony fans on here still implying 3ds is just a regular ds with 3d.
Razongunz  +   1299d ago
PS VITA when i want to play in HD and play the games available on psvita like uncharted, littlebigplanet and wipeout ++

3DS when i want to play in 3D and play the games available on 3DS like tales of the abyss, mario, zelda ++
GribbleGrunger  +   1301d ago
why am i not surprised at his conclusion?
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disturbing_flame  +   1301d ago
i think 250$ is a good price for a device that is technologicaly advanced. All those articles with the price points are just aiming at a wrong target.

It's not the Vita vs 3DS when you talk about prices.

But more Vita vs Smartphones.
Why nobody is aiming at the prices of smartphones ? PS Vita is actually in comparison a nice acquisition for such technology. It's not too expensive.

I think all this price trends is biased, media don't look at this with the good angle. They should be more positive about it when you see how much it's fair.

I hope one day all those medias will make the same articles about smartphones that are too expensive, and guess what they won't because they actually think they buy their smartphone the good price.

This article is anyway like a lot of other articles, nothing new in it, just the same media trend about a new device that is actually a great piece of technology.
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bergoo  +   1300d ago
I think it's more like 3ds & vita VS. Smartphones.

smart phones pros:
•Small; can fit in your pocket no problem.
•Can make phone calls, sms
•Use as a mobile wifi spot.
•reduced price with contract ($199 iphone4 with 2yr contract)

Vita & 3ds pros:
•gaming that isn't possible on smartphones
•Price point

Thats all i can think of, anyone else chime in?
guitar_nerd_23  +   1300d ago
bergoo  +   1300d ago
In some cases, smartphones do have full foldout key boards, and with some sony phones they actually have a button layout you would see on a console controller.

Guess i could have added that to....
•gaming that isn't possible on smartphones
_Aarix_  +   1299d ago
Well you cant run infinity blade or gta3 on the 3ds like you can on the iphone 4S. But when Vita comes out then thats a whole nother story. I never did understand why everyone hates buttons. I became confortable with them. You just hath to play them for more than 10 minutes. But theres always gamepads or the xperia play. All i know is I can only carry a phone and my insulin pump. A 3DS or a Vita isnt very pocket friendly.
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Shnazzyone  +   1299d ago

Again, Why are all you sony fans so horribly misinformed about the 3ds's specs? It's getting a remake of MGS3 snake eather that looks better then anything ever on ps2. It has a resident evil game coming that looks as good as resident evil 5. Mario kart 7 surpasses Mario Kart wii graphically. You need to know that the Wii is roughly twice as powerful than ps2. 3ds is more powerful than a wii and is outputting to a smaller screen enabling HD level gameplay and graphics. Start freaking educating yourselves so you stop looking so dumb when you want to put down the system.
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Razongunz  +   1299d ago
more gaming support?
in-game chat?
ronin4life  +   1300d ago
Tech alone has no bearing on supposed value of a games console. You need good games to play.
Please, to anyone wanting to support the vita or 3ds use tech as an example of future software only, and not as a value crutch. Games determine value, as the machines would be worthless without them regardless of power.
MattyF  +   1301d ago
Big error in the conclusion of the article. 4GB = $19.99. Not $50.
user858621  +   1301d ago
whichever has Resident evil, monster hunter, mario 3d land, mario kart, kingdom hearts DDD, kid icarus, paper mario and luigis mansion 2, has 3d out of the box and comes with a FREE memory card

agreed at his decision to wait on the vita, see if prices of those memory cards drop and if and system sellers get released, ohh and whether the vita fails or not (apparently the successor to a handheld that failed in the west is supposed to do better then in its home-turf)
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jujubee88  +   1300d ago
Promoting subjective tastes on games and bragging about including a free SD card?
How about the fact "Modnation Racers: Road Trip" is $29 USD PS Vita launch game while "Resident Evil: Revelations" on the 3DS is $49 USD?

You want to know why the vast difference in game prices? It is not to do just with the production value of games (MNR has a very complex online network and new Vita only features) It is because Nintendo can not handle giving game publishers and developers larger gaming capacity game cards while the PS Vita has day-and-date digital distribution for all its games and PS Vita game cards can actually store DLC.

Also, of course you agree with his decision. You would never buy a PS Vita. Instead, you just spew crap online and say the 3DS is "great" without giving an objetive pro or con and most of the time, you gladly leave in inaccuracies.

Gimme a break. The PS Vita (much like any other good or service) has its really good upsides and its downside but, just being a fool and naming games you find subjectively good while saying "they have a free memory card" is just not looking at the true facts behind the great games on the PS Vita and the value that powers all of its experiences.

p.s. I know about Unchated: Golden Abyss being $49 USD as well and, no I do not support that either but, at least one can understand that the production value that went into UCGA (with mo-cap, original UC cast Voice Overs, new graphical designs, etc) sort of justifies the price.
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PopRocks359  +   1300d ago
What is your deal? Are people not allowed to enjoy the 3DS over the Vita now? Why would a Resident Evil fan care about Modnation Racers: Road Trip?

The 3DS' online is not even that bad. There is a free messaging app, and the game library both phyiscal and downloadable is now fairly sizable. It's also a more social device in that you can play games through walking around with the thing in your pocket.

Mario Kart 7 has a great online matchmaking mode and even has a fairly decent Community creator. To say that it has neither is a total disservice to anyone who does not know any better.

I don't know how things work in your world, but one typically chooses a console to buy based on the games they want to play on it. The games that user858621 picked are obviously ones he like and therefor it makes him want the 3DS more than the Vita. Being that I agree with his opinion, I feel the same way.

Yes it's subjective, but it's reason enough for us to want to play with a 3DS more than a Vita. Also, great double standard. It's okay to charge $50 for Uncharted but not Resident Evil despite the fact that they are both killer app titles for their respective handhelds. All the stuff you listed for Uncharted (original voice cast, mo-cap) are all present in RE: Revelations.
Shok  +   1301d ago

But if I just HAD to choose, 3DS. It just has an amazing library of games right now and its 2012 line-up is top-notch.
capjacksparrow  +   1300d ago
Vita. It's just a bit more mature as a handheld. I hope they fix any bugs before it comes stateside though.
Jirachi  +   1300d ago
I say 3ds not because i dislike sony nor do i refuse to get a vita but from what i saw of the launch titles im just not impressed yet(I saw 2 games i wanted but One is japan only atm)
Venox2008  +   1300d ago
I say 3DS and it's exclusives, sure I will get Vita one day (one of the primary reasons is new Katamari game and Gravity rush) ...I choose 3DS because there will be a lot of colorful games, serious games with black/grey/grown shaders I can play on PS3/X360 and shoot shoot shoot..

to each his own, some people like platformers, some shooters and it's not depending on age like some here say.. it's not true if you are "mature" or above, so you must play GTA or COD or something like that.. when I was about 15 - 17, I liked playing medal of honor, COD, halos and similar stuff, but now I don't because I got bored, sure I play some of the gems like Batman:AC, Shadows of the damned, but they are unique, not same stuff like some of here "mature" ones are playing and are pretending that they are soooo mature.. :) I'm not talking about all people though..
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Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1300d ago
Vita for me. It's a more mature console. Has more features and dual analogs which will serve it well. And though graphics aren't a deciding factor it most certainly doesn't hurt the vita either.

Most importantly are the games of course. Hottest games out for 3ds right now are just spin offs of games on the wii or other consoles. Apart from Uncharted the most anticipated games on the Vita are largely new IP's. Gravity Rush, Sound Shapes, Reality Fighters, Escape Plan... all look unique and fun.
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yabhero  +   1300d ago
This mature console thing is really silly... just because it will have more FPS doesn't make it more mature. Games like Resident Evil and Monster Hunter are aimed at more mature gamers. Even Zelda is too hard for most people I know under 16. As of right now... the 3DS has more mature titles... does that make it a more mature system? no. Hottest games for 3DS. OOT3D I'll give you that. Super Mario 3Dland: people say it looks like galaxy but it plays diffferent. Being a owner of a copy myself I agree. I plays like NSMB but looks like galaxy. That's pretty unique. Mario is a continuation of a series. Kid Icarus hasn't be out for 20 years and last time it was a 2D platformer... the new Kid Icarus is pretty unique. Heroes of Ruin, new ip. Not to mention Pushmo, Dino Dan and Sakura Samurai. Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion are likely to be unique.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1300d ago
Well I didn't actually say fps's make it more mature. I wasn't talking about the games at all. It just has a more mature demeanor. It's sleak, it looks more modern. It uses more modern tech and features.

3ds does have a beastin 2012 line up btw.
xX-Jak-Xx  +   1300d ago
Vita for me
i like online gaming + two analog sticks + hardcore games
i like nintendo 3ds but i prefer Ps Vita ^^
remanutd55  +   1300d ago
Vita for me!!!! not interested in nintendo portable machines but i cant wait to hear more about Wii U , hopefully this time the system launch with new IPs and of course Zelda
MasterCornholio  +   1300d ago
Im getting a Vita first then when Nintendo releases a 3DS model with 2 circle pads instead of one then I will get it. Being a previous PSP owners having only one nub bugged the hell out of me with many games especially peacewalker.

ronin4life  +   1300d ago
You may be waiting for something that won't happen. The add on isn't getting a lot of attention, and Nintendo isn't making strides to change that with it being sold through gamestop exclusively. Without it being absolutely necessary, Nintendo won't force it to be, reducing the likelihood of its inclusion in a future remodel.
The slidepad will have to be greatly accepted by gamers and devs for it to be necessary enough for inclusion in any remodels.
MasterCornholio  +   1300d ago
Maybe your right but there's a Japanese magazine which claims that there are rumors of a 3DSlite which will be thinner than the current model, have better battery life and include a secondary circle pad. This magazine has a very good history with their rumors so I am hoping it's true.

Anyways I really don't see why they cant include another pad since it is a very easy thing to do. Plus many current 3DS owners would like to buy a model like that.

I appreciate your opinion though and in the end I will probably end up getting the light version with or without the extra circle pad.

pucpop  +   1300d ago
neither. i will get a white vita when its cheap with more games. until then i am happy with my phone.
Chrono  +   1300d ago
3DS is better at the moment.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1300d ago
What exactly makes the Vita more mature than the 3DS? I would like a serious answer to this question than "LOL ITZ NINTENDO N THEY"RE FOR BABIEZ!!"

Games? Graphics? Features? Someone please let me in on what makes one more mature than the other.

Oh, and unlike the fanboys I'll be getting both so this "rivalry" is really unimportant to me.
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user3903999  +   1300d ago
Games..look at the games, all are colorful kids games with a few exceptions here and there.
It's the other way around for the Vita.

The 3DS is what parents buy for their kids.
The Vita is what real gamers buy for themselves.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1300d ago
But I'm a real gamer and I plan on getting both. I just don't get this weird notion that if you play anything Nintendo then you're not a "real gamer".

And I don't see too many colorful kiddy games. Nor should being colorful or being devoid of color be a good barometer of a "mature" game. For instance, I find both the Ratchet and Mario games mature even though they're pretty colorful.
Venox2008  +   1300d ago
yeah right.. :) you said...and snow started.. :) mr. real gamer :) 3DS is for both real gamers and kids.. Vita too.. it depends on people what taste of games they do like.. my friends child is 5 years old and plays God of wars, Call of duties, GTA's and playing like a pro.. true story...
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ronin4life  +   1300d ago
Resident Evil, Bravely Default, Good people die(which is also a vita game!) Aren't mature?
And since when has color dictated maturity? Is futurama for kids? South park?
Maturity isn't about content anyway, and to think so is itself immature.
_Aarix_  +   1299d ago
Your not very mature if you decide what makes a real gamer or not. Whether its "colorful" or not isnt relevant but what matters is how fun they are. And From playing my friends 3ds for a few hours I hath to say its fun as hell.
resistance100  +   1300d ago
The PSV-3DS combo is the future people
Fatal Blow  +   1300d ago
It all depends what kind of games you like. If you like mario,zelda etc get nintendo. If you like uncharted,gravity daze etc get ps vita or just get both of best world
Razongunz  +   1300d ago
i don't see the VITA vs 3DS thingy, just get both..

i got a 3DS when it launched..got great games for it, my favorite so far of games i own = Tales of the abyss

but i will get a vita day one, with about 6-8 games at launch + little big planet and dynasty warriors when it releases shortly after..oh and i will also try and see if i can import dream club zero, ragnarok odyssey and lord of apocalypse. so yeah most likely about 11-12 games in the first month of vita EU/US release xD.. woops
Droid Control  +   1300d ago

Its like a PS3 in your hands! DUEL analogue sticks, luscious screen - its a high end piece of class. With Sony is like owning the future now. The 3DS is like a childs toy in comparision. I mean, theres only so many Mario games you can play. lol Stopped playing Mario after the N64.
For the most part, Nintedno games a not a deep or mature as Sony exclusives. And they have failed to innovate since the N64 and Mario and Zelda went 3D. I mean, Link still can't talk! Subtitles, really? In 2012?!

I bet Link still needs SUBS in the WiiU.
When Zelda came out on the NES - its was a cutting edge RPG. Now is a great, but repetitive adventure game. Ninty just haven't kept up with the rest of the world.

I'm not saying a want Zelda to be dark and gritty, but it would be nice to explore a world like Skyrim with Link. Epic, open world, mature.
The other thing about Ninty - you know they will release about 10 different versions of the 3DS, and the next one will come out just after you buy the last! lol

Not talking about the games mind, just the hardware, mind.
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yabhero  +   1300d ago
I am about to swear Sony payed you to say that. You sound like a HUGE fanboy. If you stopped Mario after N64 I truly feel sorry 4 you because you missed my 3 favorite Mario games of all time. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 and Super Mario 3Dland. The 10 versions of 3DS was just about one of the stupidest things you could say. Umm PSP 1000, 2000, 3000, Go and the NEW lite one released in Europe. DS, DSLite, DSi, DSiXL 4 to 5. Sony loses. A mature Zelda world is a bad idea. However the world will be much bigger on the WiiU and the graphics promote a darker style like seen in the WiiU demo. Is Uncharted repetitive because each game has the same rules... Skyward Sword is very different from any Zelda game. Link is supposed to be you. How can feel truly the one controlling the character and everything he does if he says words you wouldn't say or speaks in a strange voice. if Link had a voice he would need personality which would make it hard to feel that you are Link. Mario is not deep. Zelda is deep, Kid Icarus is deep, Metroid is deep. You use the word mature horribly. You use it like you mean dark and gritty and then you say that not what you mean. Bright colors doesn't equal immature. Besides, Nintendo is taking a huge leap. Kid Icarus WiiU will probably be better but similar to God of War and the next Zeld a will be gritty and dark based of the E3 demo.
Feldman9000  +   1300d ago
Someone throw me some + bubbles
Shojin1  +   1300d ago
16 and under = 3ds

17 and older = Vita
Shok  +   1300d ago
I'm 18 and I want a 3DS lol.......
fatstarr  +   1300d ago

vita is nice but its marketed more as a phone.

to me the 3ds is more traditional
while the vita is this touch screen phone. in todays society's traditional sticks (wii, ps3 and 360 aka ancient hardware).

the vita will be extremely old news by 2014 because people will view it as a phone and think about upgrades nd such.
resistance100  +   1300d ago
People see Vita as a phone???

Can't tell if this was a serious comment or not
rexbolt   1300d ago | Spam
Rockdown  +   1300d ago
I think they both bring something different to the table. Therefore, I have one of each.
Tenkay23  +   1300d ago
Handheld gaming War II:

Battle: 3486

Article: 345, 768

Continue the flame wars.

Like honestly people stop with all these comparisons. Both consoles target differs audiences. Those with money who want a console like experience on their handheld want the Vita. Those who enjoy Sony franchises will w ant vita.

Those who prefer cheaper handheld gaming and no big on console like experiences on their handheld (that's what their consoles are for I guess) prefer the 3DS. Those who enjoy Nintendo franchises like Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Metroid , etc will want 3DS. Those who have a huge DS library and don't want to see it go to waste, but still want a new handheld, will want the 3DS.

Me? I love Nintendo franchises and always buy their products. But I also want me some uncharted on vita and final fantasy type-o

Can't wait to get both and let the fanboys bicker with each other while I enjoy both haha
Yangus  +   1300d ago
Yet 3DS.
Resident Evil
Bravely Default
Paper Mario
Monster Hunter
Beyond the Labyrinth

Vita yet only Uncharted.
Vita need more and more AAA titles!I buy,yet NO.
fatstarr  +   1300d ago
I looked up bravely default looks interesting.

also tales of the abyss 3DS
sal77  +   1300d ago
vita already have a 3ds and a psp.
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