IGN Opinion: Whining Fans Are Good for Gaming

Gamers like to complain. A lot.

The "basement-dwelling man-children" stereotype may not hold true anymore, but you could be forgiven for thinking that some gamers were taught how to throw temper tantrums by two-year-olds. Whether in forums, comment threads, or even at anonymity dispelling events like BlizzCon, it seems like there's always something to gripe about. What happened, many ask, to the days when people just played videogames and, you know, had fun? Childlike whimsy's been replaced by childlike entitlement.

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Valenka2450d ago

Annoying, but the whining does help things get changed.

LOGICWINS2450d ago

Whining also gives IGN hits, which results in more money in their pocket. Their doom and gloom article for Vita on the front page has already generated 650 degrees. As much as N4Gers "suposedly" dislike IGN, they're pretty easily baited by IGN articles...hence giving IGN more hits/more money etc.