The Recycled Plot Points of Uncharted 3

"Uncharted 3 suffers a bit from “Hangover Part 2 syndrome”, meaning that many story beats from Uncharted 2 were transposed into the new game without much change. The contexts are new, but the essence of the content is the same. JTM Games thought it would be fun to take a handful of these shared plot points, and put them side-by-side to illustrate our point."

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christian hour2511d ago

So we've finally moved on from its copying indiana jones or tomb raider to its copying itself, this game has been out 2 months now, i thought it had one of the best single player experiences of the year, thrilling set pieces and for me i felt it had beautiful pacing, why do people insist on nitpicking crap like this? Oh yeah, for the precious hit generated advertisement money, derp!

Jobesy2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Why do you give them hits? Seriously, why? I just smh when I see troll articles that get hot and have tons of comments, people need to practice self control. You can see by the title and description what the article is about. Just move on and don't feed the troll articles.

christian hour2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

I didn't read the articl, I came straight in here to voice my disgust :)

dinkeldinkse2511d ago

It's ridiculous to expect them to be better than Michael Phelps Kinect. How the hell are you supposed to be better than the greatest game of all time?

Oldman1002511d ago

Agreed. Nothing can beat the rewarding greatness of the optimal dive.

HeavenlySnipes2511d ago

Every book, movie and video game is made up of recycled plot points. NOTHING is orignal. We only perceive things as unique when it is an unexpected mix of different sources. If you have the time to point out the allusions present in UC3, I eagerly await for you to tackle every other game, book or movie. Fin

kneon2511d ago

I disagree with point #2, #4 and #5.

#2 - sure he didn't kill either main villain, he also didn't dress up as a smurf in either game. But seriously the situations were very different, in one he actively did try to kill the villain while in the other he didn't try to kill them at all and in fact tried to save the villain.

#4 - In UC2 he only stumbled a few hundred feet and collapsed because of his wounds, there was no focus at all on wandering around as there was in UC3, the main aspect of this segment was the fight on the train and the crash. Also the train segment was quite a major piece of the game while the plane fight was really minor. It was just a way to get him where he had to be.

#5 - Of course the bridges collapse, it's Drake! bridges start wobbling if he get's anywhere near them :)

aquamala2511d ago

how many times can Drake almost fall off a ledge, it's getting old, come on ND.

Captain Qwark 92511d ago

i agree 100% but fyi on this site, if you dont think uncharted is the best game ever made you are a blasphemer. i personally didnt like uncharted 3, it was too similar to UC2 for me which was already too similar to UC. the gameplay got old for me quick, admittely i havent finished UC3 but that becuase im not enjoying it enough too. i like the story so ill youtube the rest of the story, beyond that ill be skipping number 4 ( and the rest of 3 ) if they dont change it up enough.

rezzah2511d ago

It might be the majority or the "loudest" people on this site, but that doesn't mean that it equals everyone opinion.

Just like how they have their reasons for liking a game you have yours for disliking it.

The same reasons can be used for both sides.

Btw I enjoy the game as it is so I rather they not change it up, or it will end up like KZ3s MP (SP was a great exp).

trouble_bubble2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

How many times can Space Marines take 1000 bullets in their sleeveless shirts and survive ridiculous crashes without so much as a scratch? It's getting old, come on Epic, Bungie, Visceral, GG, Insomniac, Crytek, BioWare, Relic, Volition, Gearbox etc.

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