Nintendo 3DS has "turned the corner"

The Nintendo 3DS has "turned the corner" following a shaky launch and early price cut, so says games industry analyst Michael Pachter.

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Ulf2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Hmm, I bought one when they were discounted below the price of a DSi, over the holidays. I don't know if that's a good thing, or not. It is for me.

The DS/DSLite/DSi were great hardware... the 3DS just... doesn't seem much better, despite its vast tech upgrade. Why is that?

The OS is spiffy, Wii-like, very cool. It probably has about the horses of a GameCube under the hood... I guess its the lack of (3DS) games that really hurt it, for me. There's like.. 2 good ones. I guess there would be 3 if I hadn't played Ocarina of Time four or five times already. Low res, split-screen sucks for browsing, too. I would actually prefer my PSP for browsing, and that's saying something. Phones blow it away, in that regard.

It's okay overall, and the RPG selection is decent so far (DQ4,5,6,9 makes owning a DS worth it). I'm glad I don't own another DS though. I think I'd be disappointed in what the 3DS offers, if I did.

Good buy for me, though. Got it dirt cheap, plays DS games. I been longing for some Dragon Quest for a long while... kinda upset they were on DS, but not PSP. Now... I am content. Discount 3DS ftw. Still... if people like me are the primary consumers of 3DS hardware these days, less than 1 year from release... that's not turning a corner.

klecser2538d ago

If you only think there are two good 3DS games than you probably either haven't done much research into the library (writing off titles you probably shouldn't) or have really high standards as a porty gamer.

Ulf2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

I really only consider Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land to be worthwhile, given that I'm not at all interested in 3D ports of games which already own. Even those two are kinda "more of the same", although at least the 3D is decently well implemented in them.

What else is there, that hasn't already come out on another platform (i.e. Starfox 64, Zelda, Donkey Kong, etc.)? I'm really wanting to get another 3DS title, but.. I just don't see anything on the shelves that seems interesting.

I really want a good RPG for it (not Zelda, like I said). I'm also looking for something that's actually available, not something that is still in the works. JRPGs, SRPGs... heck all RPGs are basically my portable bread-and-butter on the PSP. Puzzle games, etc.. I can get those on my phone. I want a 3DS RPG.

klecser2537d ago

Yeah, its really light on RPGS right now.

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars is one of the best launch titles. If you liked Advanced Wars or turn-based grid combat it is a great game. Samurai Warriors:Chronicles was really unfairly reviewed due to it being a launch title, in my opinion. IGN wrote a particularly moronic review of it in which the reviewer clearly had not spent enough time with the game to "get" it. It is a button masher, but you control four "generals" at once and have a series of objectives to complete, making it strategically challenging. I've put 100 hours into it and still haven't come close to unlocking everything. With 35+ characters, each with its own weapon set, it is very customizable and has four difficulty levels that are a real challenge. Nano Assault (rails/free form shooter) and Assault Horizon:Legacy (fighter jet sim) have both gotten good reviews, but they are more niche.

The eSHOP has recently gotten a ton of unique third party titles: Pushmo is arguably the best and well worth the seven bucks if you like puzzle games.

So, the system has quite a bit of great third party stuff, if you are willing to go outside one or two genres. It is light on RPGs right now.