PlayStation Vita Has New PSN Feature that PS3 Doesn’t Have

As everyone anticipates the release of the PlayStation Vita in the United States and Europe, there are some features on the handheld that gamers might find extremely useful if you who use the PlayStation Network service.

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NukaCola2456d ago

This is pretty cool. I personally would love to see a Search feature added to Vita/PS3 like the official Playstation website has now, where you can look up PSN IDs and compare trophies. You hear about monsters like HAKOOM who has 250 Platinums but you can't check it out cause the guy's already got max friends.

kreate2456d ago

Cant u send him a message and use that message to look up his trophies?

NukaCola2456d ago

I honestly don't know. I think you need to at least be friend pending to compare. But maybe. I should check.

ZombieAssassin2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

You can look up anyones trophies just by going to and typing in their name in the box.

EDIT: Damn Nitrowolf just barely beat me to it.

FunAndGun2456d ago

you can do what kreate said from the PS3

send the username a blank message.

highlight the sent message and hit triangle.

select profile.

NukaCola2456d ago

To all above.

Thanks. I know you can use the website. Just thought they could integrate it into the XMB or Vita. Cool that the message trick works. I am sure Vita will do tons with friends. They already are really stepping up the social aspects and how the community interacts. Really taking PSN to a new level.

gamingdroid2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )


***Cant u send him a message and use that message to look up his trophies?***

lol... that is a pretty creative work around, but if it works. Now I will know if I get random blank messages.

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StraightPath2456d ago

when does PS3 got a new update or feature

-Alpha2456d ago

Doubt we'll see anything major until the PS4

just_looken2456d ago

lol you 2 we just got a whole bunch of vita intergration and cloud service aswell don't forget they added new auido codecs aswell.

FACTUAL evidence2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Then ps4 and nextbox comes out, the psn will look stone age when next box gets like some more awesome godly features that will be useful. Sony better future proof the shii out of the ps4.


Ever played a xbox 360? Yeah it rarely happens..

kikizoo2455d ago

wow desperate delusional/denial xbox girl's attack !

reality : you are paying for a similar service, on an inferior hardware, with way less exclusives (no internet browser, bluray, etc)

andibandit2455d ago

Because the internet browser is just so amazing

sikbeta2455d ago

Not gonna happen, better put the resources in the next console, PS3 cannot handle a browser correctly, so you shouldn't expect much

Intentions2455d ago


Lol you serious?

This is about psn. And you bring hardware and games into this.

That is just low.

gamingdroid2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )


Xbox Live has had this "Friend of Friend" feature since 2007:

Xbox 360 also has cross game chat that isn't possible on the PS3 and a host of other gaming related features such as beacons and party system that doesn't exist on the PS3.

I wouldn't call that "inferior" hardware....

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moparful992456d ago

Here's hoping that the ps4's UI is heavily influenced by the vita...

rexbolt2455d ago

wii's internet rocks ;D

a_bro2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

about time. they now have to integrate the PSN to their webpage, in other words, being able to send messages and stuff from the website.

Soldierone2456d ago

Oh god, thinking of that just made me think of how easy it would be to spam people....

Dark_Overlord2456d ago

You could always add them to the block list :)

BitbyDeath2456d ago

Now that the Vita is released the PS4 specs must be fairly solid.
I'm sure both will be made to work with one another.
Can't wait for the E3 reveal.

CRASHBASHUK2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

hmm or gamescom or TGS
at gamescom is where they reviled the ps3 slim and the last psp ( well i think it was the last psp)

ChiVoLok02456d ago

I thought it would be cross game chat or whatever that thing everyone wants is called.

ChiVoLok02456d ago

Well I'm uninformed. Thanks for letting me know.

NellyNel_7_1_32456d ago

Awesome video! i was wondering when are going to get a party chat/cross game chat demo... I love it!


1. can we party chat/ cross game chat with ppl on the ps3 or is it just psv owners only... I dont remember if sony said we can or we cant...

2. how many ppl can we party chat/game chat with on the psv/ps3?

anybody feel free to answer these questions ok... thank you...

venomcarnage892455d ago

@Nelly. Party chat allows 8 people to be in it.

No idea about Ps3/PSV cross chat but I don't see why not, its all PSN

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