Microsoft Signs Arkadium to Multi-Year Deal

New York-based casual developer Arkadium has signed a multi-year strategic partnership with Microsoft Game Studios to develop casual & social titles. Arkadium has already developed some of the largest titles on Microsoft’s platforms, including Bing, MSN Messenger, and, including Mahjongg Dimensions.

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TurretKiller2419d ago


Another slap to the face to their true core fans

StrongMan2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Agreed. MS won't buy studios to make core games but that will get studios to make casual Kinect games. That tells you right there that they only have the casuals in mind from now on.

TheKindRoost2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

They came in the industry to solely make profit and they found a cheaper yet profitable way with kinect thanks to the current casual game boom. Casual Studios require very little resource to make their games, so if that studio somehow fails it ain't a big of a loss compared to Triple AAA studios.

cstyle2419d ago

you don't have a clue as to what you're talking about. This studio has nothing to do with console game. They make mobile games.

Solid_Snake372419d ago

Those are the bastards who made BING?? *shakes fists* You guys have a special place in hell reserved just for you

C_Menz2419d ago

As long as Microsoft can release Halo, Fable and a handful of other exclusives to keep the "hardcore" gamer "satisfied" they won't bother expanding with first party studios other than casual ones.

Why? Because as a business it doesn't make sense. Why go the Sony route(which I like Sony for) when your audience is fine with 1-2 major exclusives a year and extra Call of Duty content? Until this strategy fails Microsoft won't bother with finding new IP's and major studios to produce exclusive AAA games.

Not that it is a flawed strategy since it is great for those more casual gamers and those who mainly only buy 1-3 games a year. But at least for myself I stick to Sony for consoles(mainly a PC gamer though) since I know they will provide me with the most diversified game selection.

QuantumWake2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )


***I really wish there was a way to delete comments*** >.<

aman84r2419d ago

Probably for their WP7 platform.