Yu Suzuki: We Can Obtain Shenmue License from SEGA

For ten years, legions of heartbroken SEGA fans have wanted to see a continuation of the Shenmue saga. But none more so than legendary game creator Yu Suzuki, who in a recent interview with fansite Shenmue Master has hinted that he can obtain the license from the Japanese publisher in order to develop a third game.

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christheredhead2415d ago

I dont care how long it takes or how long I have to wait, I want shenmue 3.

fuzion17c2415d ago

I have a signed, Yu Suzuki copy of the original Shenmue, signed strategy guide, & signed t-shirt. I wonder how much they would go for on eBay? Took a picture w/ him too. Never got a chance to play the 2nd one ever since the Dreamcast sank. Would love HD re-releases of these games!

christheredhead2415d ago

That's pretty awesome. Put them on ebay and send me the link so I can buy them haha.

HD re releases would be great. Sega should put together a collection and funnel that profit into shenmue 3.

fuzion17c2415d ago

If there's a Shenmue 3 or HD Collection announcement in the future, then i'll consider putting them up on eBay haha

tiffac0082415d ago

Yu Suzuki make it happen and take my cold hard earned cash!

LOGICWINS2415d ago

Unless you have at least 50 million dollars to give Yu to cover development costs(not to mention the millions it will cost to actually buy the Shenmue license), saying "make it happen" is like a four year old telling his father to purchase an entire Toys R Us' store.

tiffac0082415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

So why does it bother you? It has nothing to do with you though. No one gets killed in what I said now did it?

Have a nice day :D

Edit: Okay that was just trolling sorry, I couldn't help it XD

but Yes I'm a freaking 5yrs old to the games I want Sega to revive. I'm proud of it too (I think) LOL!

@fuzion17c (above)

At least share some pictures. lol!

waseem335 (below)

Has a point!

CrawFail2414d ago

I hate to say it but Logic has a great point. The overall cost they'd lay out to even get the game developed probably wouldn't even see a return unless there were compromises made in way of DLC, multiplayer modes, online passes etc.

As much as theyre epic games I kinda hope they keep it in the grave...there are far too many brilliant franchises being ruined by reboots and remakes. I'm not entirely sure they could recapture the magic of the two games we know and love.

Ryo-Hazuki2415d ago

Yu, please find a way to get the license from SEGA. I will buy 3 copies of Shenmue 3 if it ever comes out. I want Shenmue 3 soooo bad

FinaLXiii2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Sega really doesnt care about the franchise its sad.

NYC_Gamer2415d ago

please get the license and give us a third game

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The story is too old to be commented.