IGN: 3DS: Let the Games Begin

With the holidays now behind us, Nintendo's fledgling 3DS system is rapidly approaching its one-year anniversary. Despite a rough debut, the system is now rapidly gaining steam, not only outpacing its predecessor, but the remarkable success of the Wii home console as well. Few would accuse either of those platforms of being sales disasters - and now the much-critiqued 3DS is surging past them. It has now crossed the 4 million units sold mark in Japan and North America each.

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TurretKiller2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Still going to wait for the slim version with the added second analouge stick. I've waited this long I may aswell hold out waiting a bit longer. Least then when I get one I have a ton of games to choose from.

Although lets face it, the 3DS only got it's self fully going thanks to the PSV making Nintendo drop the price.

Sonyslave32536d ago

3DS is about to kill this year i hope Bravely Default Flying comes to the states.