Microsoft Alleviates Their Restrictions on Indie Games

Indie game development on the Xbox 360 has always been strained under tight requirements from Microsoft that could make or break a title. Today, Microsoft announced they were going to do something about this.

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gamingdroid2387d ago

Good news that MS is moving with the times.

Now, how can we get better indie games. The vast majority of stuff on the indie channel is [email protected]

Titanz2387d ago

Indie games on Microsoft also allow the people who enjoy playing cheap games on their ios/android devices, to experience the same generic [email protected] on their gaming system.

Bundi2387d ago

You're not even trying anymore. :(

Dlacy13g2387d ago

Now, if they would throw a bone to indie games and give them 25 acheivement points to work into their games... indie games would get a much better reception.

gamingdroid2387d ago

It also essentially opens the flood gate for cheap purchasable achievements. Press start for 25G games!

I most definitely do not want achievements in indie apps.

maniacmayhem2387d ago

I think it's a good idea. But it should be 200 points.

There should be an extra incentive for people to buy Indie games and make the indie section and indie developer a success. If that means chievo hunters getting cheap points at the expense of paying for some indie titles well I have no problem with it.

Psychonaughty2387d ago

Maybe they could introduce a seperate indie points system, that would silence the naysayers.

Plasticgearsolid2387d ago

What they should be doing is increasing their max game size past 2gb because developers like Just Add Water/Oddworld inhabitants with the Oddworld series is being restricted and they can't fit their hd remakes into that size limit. I'm lucky I own a ps3 because I love oddworld. This is a step in the right direction tho

maniacmayhem2387d ago

They did get it to fit. There is something else that is holding them back that hasn't been explained.

What I can't understand is RE4, Code Veronica, Crysis all HD remakes so to speak and they are on Live. What happened to Oddworld?

Plasticgearsolid2387d ago

No they couldn't closest they got was 2.2gb on strangers wrath and they've been trying to work something out with Microsoft but on their twitter they said their not getting anywhere with them.

gamingdroid2387d ago


Do you have a source for that claim of 2.2 GB?

Plasticgearsolid2387d ago

It says they're at 2.1gb with no updates but with first patch update its 2.2gb