The 2011 Golden and Rotten Game of the Year Awards said: "We at are different. We know the value of the dollar of working adults. We are veterans of seven console wars. And we realize that video game award shows shouldn’t involve tea-bagging and cupcakes. But we’re also a small site and our award show this year isn’t broken down by genre or platform. To make it a more personal experience, we’ve distilled our awards down to two per staff member. A golden award is given to each staff member’s favorite game of the year, and a rotten award is given to each staff member’s most disappointing game of 2011. We realize this isn’t the normal way to do an award show, but we’re not a normal site.

2012 has some big shoes to fill now that 2011 has gone by. Without a doubt, 2011 surpassed most people’s expectations. Games that should have been great, were not, and games that we all thought would suck, didn’t.

But if you were in our shoes and had to pick one Golden Game and one Rotten Game, which games would you choose?"

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