The Dylan Cuthbert interview, part II: PixelJunk 1-3 isn't a 'rhythm' game

In Part I of Newsweek's two-part Q&A with Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert, he explained why he wants to turn Japanese players on to the pleasure of RTS games with his forthcoming title PixelJunk Monsters (which debuted last week in Japan) and why PSN games haven't yet caught fire in his adopted Japan.

In today's Part II, Cuthbert discusses why Q-Games wants to keep its development costs low and the number of shipped games high; what draws him to collaborating with artists who work in other media; and why he thinks Sony has become so interested in smaller games. And as a bonus, Cuthbert shares with Newsweek exclusively some details and insight into the direction of his next game, codenamed PixelJunk 1-3.

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Darkiewonder3872d ago

I'm still waiting for Monsters to hit NA ;o