IGN - Is the 3G PlayStation Vita Cancelled?

As if the poor Japanese sales of the PlayStation Vita weren't bad enough, is adding fuel to the fire. The online retailer has updated the webpage for the PlayStation Vita 3G/Wifi model so that the Product Details read "Discontinued by manufacturer: Yes."


UPDATE: Sony has confirmed to IGN that the 3G/Wifi PlayStation Vita is not cancelled despite an update.

"It's not true," a Sony representative said. "We'll look into this now and ask our team to connect with Amazon."

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Sgt_Slaughter2538d ago

This would be a good thing. AT&T sucks for data and the costs will go down because of only one model being produced.

Rainstorm812538d ago

Yeah this would be a smart move by Sony....less confusion is a good thing 1 model, 1 price point and most gamers wont want to be raped by AT&T.

Besides 3G is outdated anyway

Kran2538d ago

If Apple can get away with multiple models of the same product, with half of them being 3G enabled, why not Sony?

Rainstorm812538d ago

Because Sony isn't Apple......people tend to bend over backwards and pay any price for apple products......when Sony does the same or similar its all doom and gloom for the company.

Sony isn't the media darlings that Apple is.......IMO it wouldn't matter to consumers but many sheep woo follow what the media says

Jdoki2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )


I don't agree that having one model would cause less confusion - the Kindle has sold well in multiple models. But I do kinda agree that 3G is outdated for a handheld games console.

3G is only really going to be any use for downloading games, not allowing online play (either in terms of bandwidth, reliability, or cost). I think they should have gone with WiFi only now, and if the Vita sells well then launch a 4G / LTE model in a couple of years time once 4G gets properly rolled out.

darthv722538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

they are opting to put in the newer 4g compatible chip instead of the current 3g one.

When the vita was announced, 4g was on the horizon and now sprint and att and verizon are all moving forward on that network while remaining backward comp to 3g.

Sony having 3g in the device was nice up until 4g became the buzz word. allot can change in the industry between reveal and release and if you arent one step ahead then you are two steps behind. (sorry for the cliche)

edit: @morgan, thing is...information (no matter right or wrong) moves so fast these days that everyone is trying to 1up each other before it gets posted elsewhere. Kind of like on here there could be a submission and within a minute there can be a counter submission or submission about the same topic from an alternate sight.

They all want to be first to report it and claim the fame. And that includes sidelining the fact checking. You are right, it leads to irresponsible journalism but we are in a generation where journalism is at the hands of the everyday gamer. Its like everyone has become a paparazzi to gaming news.

Rush2538d ago

Lets face it the 3G model is doomed to fail...

Not to mention Sony has no quality control over the actual service, so really what's the point?

morganfell2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

And people say that IGN are not biased. A major company like IGN, likely the largest gaming site in the world cannot take the time to confirm such an idiotic rumor with Sony. Instead they publish an article that doesn't do the Vita any favors.

It is irresponsible journalism, as if there are any journalists left at that poor excuse for a site.

"Well it isn't like they are outright attacking it, they are asking a question."

And that is the genius of the attack. If they were to boldly come out and assault the product the gloves would come off and their intentions would be clear. Instead they resort to this deniable bit of tripe, seductive and deniable.

"When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck."

Here is what I won't forget. At E3 everyone was blown away by the Vita and it's price tag. People like Ken Levine are backing it. And when it hits the West it will blow away. The haters will hate...even as they shake their fist from the very pit of envy. No amount of ridiculous carefully crafted IGN articles will change that.

We all wondered where brian crecente would go as Kotaku dies. We need not guess any longer. His spirit is alive and well at IGN.

NukaCola2538d ago

I get concern but IGN is really harsh on the Vita lately. No optimizism whatsoever.

Anywho, if the 3G model fails to impress then Sony either needs to cancel it or figure out how to fix it. The 3G aspects are really interesting, but all the restrictions to 3G with AT&T are a kick in the teeth. I get why, cause Apple was with them, but since Sony is going with Droid with the PS3 Suite, they should of went with Verizon which is a better service provided. As sure as I am in the next 2 years a dual thumbslider 3DS will come out, a new model of the Vita will come.

I would like to see a whispernet-style app just for the store and NEAR and the games, but 3G isn't needed for anything else. They could add a GPS internally and not through the sim itself.

I think I will get the WiFi model cause the n routing and Wifi Locater software will still pick up NEAR. You don't need to use 3G to find others. They post to server and if your in a 4-5 mile radius you'll swap items and get updates anyway.

Things like TAG wont work with Wifi Only though. There are some exclusive features to the 3G though.

It's really just a money thing and I think 3G is too expensive on this one. And I am sorry I am seeming to get all jarbled here.

OpenGL2538d ago

@ Kran

Sony doesn't have the same sort of clout that Apple does.

@ Jdoki
Except it's not even useful for downloading games as Sony has already said that they'll be limiting PSN downloads to 20MB over 3G.

Having LTE on the Vita would be nice, but let's be realistic, who really wants to pay $30-50 a month for a game console? You're better off rooting/jailbreaking your smart phone and tethering it with WiFi.

Soldierone2538d ago

Sony just needs to gain some good marketing skills and they will be fine.

All the clueless Apple fanboys say hello, I love 3G and hardly different models! lol

Jdoki2538d ago

That's a good point OpenGL. But Apple do the same as far as I can see. My iPhone pops up a message telling me to connect to WiFi if my download is over 20Mb as well.

I see a lot of similarities between Apple and Sony when it comes to downloading... There will be plenty of sub 20Mb games (like Mini's etc), but for the big stuff it'll need WiFi.

But yeah, you're right... 3G is pretty much pointless, except for when GPS and WiFi are off, it could used cell tower triangulation for location services (a weak argument I know! :) )

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LOGICWINS2538d ago

Sony says its not cancelled.

CynicalVision2538d ago


Because Apple has people eating out of it's hand.

LightofDarkness2538d ago

I don't mind either way really, the wi-fi was always going to be my choice. The data plans were a bit on the unreasonable side too.

moparful992538d ago

I have no issues with [email protected] or 3g, they are my current carrier and I'm looking for a tack on service for my bill.. By the way I preordered the first edition bundle with 3g so this whole issue is moot for me...

Wenis2538d ago

Right when I agreed with you, you edited your post.. aww

admiralthrawn872538d ago

i didnt feel like getting banned for disagreeing with the sony religion. you dont get banned for being anti-nintendo or microsoft, but anti-sony on here is a quick 5 day restriction

GraveLord2538d ago

Nope it's not cancelled. Went to Amazon right now and says nothing about it being "discontinued".

See for yourselves

killasder2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

sony already confirmed its not cancelled.... its crazy these websites use a retailer for information like this, whereas they're supposed to contact the manufacturer 1st before putting news like this..

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